Because sometimes, those dishes in the sink can wait.


{rockie's very favorite play place, the canal}

Sometimes I feel like superwoman. I get up early to workout, I eat a good breakfast, I have time to play with my little man before we are off to preschool and work. I work an 8 hour shift, getting things done and feeling all accomplished and whatnot. I pick up the little guy, we come home, I cook up a nice dinner. (hamburger helper is a nice dinner, right?) We gather around the table and eat, and then head out for a walk around the town or over to the park down the street. We play outside until the sun goes down. I give little man his nightly bath, then bundle him in his towel and read him 3 books while he warms up. Get into pj's, put him to sleep... and I still have time to do some dishes, clean up the house, call some friends to chat and then snuggle with my main man on the couch while we watch the evening news!

Tonight, well...tonight was not one of those nights. This morning, well that was good! And today, I really felt I accomplished a lot! But the working day's 8 hours, well, they found a way to suck the energy right out of me. After getting home, I got J man a hot dog, string cheese, and a banana while my ramen noodles cooked on the stove top. After washing it down with a cream soda, I had a big bowl of honey nut chex for dessert. All while sitting in front of the tv watching prime time. Oh, and did I mention that the first thing I did when I got home from work is put on my sweatpants??

Well finally after little guy begged me to go outside, and lucky for him there were really no good tv shows on tonight, I mustered all the energy I could and we headed out the door for a quick walk to the park.

Well really, thank goodness I found the energy! We had a lovely walk! It was a beautiful sunset, and just cool enough for a jacket and jeans. Little man was all bundled in his blanket. The Rockster weaved in and out of the street, chasing the birds. It was short, but a sweet breath of fresh air in my lazy evening!

And then, don't mind that we came straight home, skipped bath time and went straight to reading, then put little man down to bed so I could plop my buns back on the couch and eat half the bag of chocolate chips! (In which, as soon as I heard husband pull up out front, I ran and hid the chocolate chips because I was so ashamed. but now he is going to read this, and he'll know about it anyway! which begs the question...should I have just finished the whole bag??)

Soooo I wasn't superwoman today, so what right? I have big plans of popping a benedryl soon and getting a good nights rest. And really, I don't feel a bit guilty. Because sometimes, even superwoman gets a break!

PS husband dearest, if you indeed are reading this...I vow that one day I will do the dishes more often! Can you imagine, coming home to that perfect wife who has shrimp skewers on the table and a clean sink every night?? well, keep dreaming. But really, one day, I will at least do my fair share! One day...

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