Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Rockie smooshed


- - > Driving with the radio on and the windows down (which is awesome) but then ending up stopped at a light next to someone else with their windows down and the exact same radio station on. Do you look over and smile? Stare ahead and roll up the window? Turn down the music or change the station? No, you stare ahead and pretend to be biting your nails. ...A full 30 seconds with surround sound has never been so uncomfortable.
- - > Little guy and his screaming stage. He has a set of lungs, this kid! All the other kids are running away from him in terror.
- - > At the doctors office, when out of nowhere Jace decides to yell, "Truck!" ...which would be all fine and well, except that he is starting to mix his T's with F's. Needless to say, I think the doctor was a little concerned.
- - > Due to the recent cool weather, not shaving my legs for a week straight. A week! This might be awesome for me, but for husbands sake I'll put it in the "awkward" category.
- - > When at a get together with friends, and someone asks me how I made the delicious sauce on my pasta salad. Um, well I just used the packet inside of the 'Betty Crocker Instant Pasta Salad' box. I reeallyy need to start making things on my own guys.
- - > The man walking next to us at the grocery store right as Jace was giggling and being cute. Who also happened to let out a hefty cough as he walked past. Which only turned awkward because I mistook his cough for a laugh, and then I looked at him and laughed "with him", as if to say "Oh I know, isn't he the cutest little boy??" ...while he looked back at me and glared... grumpy old man.


- - > My new iPhone. I mean really, how did I ever live without it??
- - > Staying in bed until 9:00 on a Saturday morning. And then taking a 3 hour family nap that same afternoon.
- - > Which reminds me, Jace going to bed at 5:30 on Tuesday night, and not waking up until 7:30 the next morning! Growth spurt? Miracle??
- - > Turning on the heater for the first time this season. And believe you me, we put this off as long as possible. We were camping in 60 degree weather, sleeping in sweats and beanies before we finally caved. I love the smell of the heater when it first starts on a cold evening! (Me-sniff,sniff "Is something burning??")
- - > Finding things you thought you lost in old jacket pockets. Money is the best, but finding my favorite lip gloss that I thought I had lost forever, well that's a great runner up.
- - > Figuring out that little guy's video monitor will still work at the neighbors house. Movie nights after the kids are in bed? Yes please!
- - > Last minute date nights with new friends.
- - > And also, the movie Looper. Bloody, heart wrenching, and very intense. Go see it!
- - > Winning these sweater boots on my very first eBay bidding experience. The feeling of watching the clock count down, putting in a bid with less than 30 seconds left, and finding out you beat that other girl by ONE dollar! Huzz-ah! It is exhilarating I tell you! And for a steal of a deal, might I add.

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