It's been a long day, to say the least.

This morning I woke up to mister J calling my name at 8:00. Which was fabulous, because normally he doesn't sleep a wink past 7:30. Awwhh, I got to sleep in! I thought to myself in a moment of happiness, as I stretched in my bed. What a good start to the day! And now, the me that is sitting here at the end of the day is laughing at the me that was happily waking up this morning. I am pitying the morning me. I want to go back in time and tell her, Honey, you might not want to get out of that bed...

As I passed by Rockie's dog bed next to my dresser, she jumped awake and and shook her head back and forth like she does every morning, trailing behind me happily as we headed to mister J's room. I opened the door and there was my happy blonde mop head, smiling away.

"Hi mom!" He says.

"Hi baby!" I say. And then...wait, something's not right. He's...butt naked? I could have sworn I put him in pj's last night...

Oh, there's the diaper. It's sitting in a heap next to his bed. Oh no, the dreaded stage of taking the diaper off! I've seen the damage this stage does. I've seen duct tape applied to babies in a last resort to try and keep that diaper on their bodies. Oh no, I'm going to be the duct tape mom!

And then. Oh, then. Just to the left of that heap of a diaper, there it was. Three logs, lying calmly on the floor, acting is if they belong there. Gag. Hold it together woma-gag. Ohhhh-gag.

"Jace, did you poopy on the floor?" I say calmly, pointing to the logs and trying my hardest not to look at them.

Jace laughs. "Poopy!" He exclaims happily. "Pooopppyy!"

"Yes, but when we need to poopy we can't go on the floor, we need to go in our diaper or in the big boy potty, huh?" I ask him.

He laughs. "Pooooopppy!"

Okay, this is going nowhere. Time to clean up.

I run downstairs for the paper towels, a glass of warm water and a wet vac. Think about calling Dan. Decide I should clean up the mess first. Wish Dan was here to do it for me. Think about how glad I am that he didn't paint the walls with poop, as in some horror stories I have heard. Run back upstairs.

"Rockie!" Laugh, giggle, laugh. "Funny Rockie! Ohhh Rockkiieee!" Jace is laughing and pointing.


There she sits, next to the logs, smacking her chops, and...wait a minute. Logs? There were three little logs here, I'm just sure of it. And now there Wait a minute....

Looks at dog, smacking chops. Reminds myself to never let her kiss me ever again. Takes her outside.

Resumes clean up.

Because of said morning, it goes without saying that I was running late for the day and had no time to do my hair. I slept on it wet and it was a lost cause, so I threw in some anti-frizz and pulled it back in a boring old ponytail. Blah.

I miraculously made it to preschool on time, dropped off mister poopy pants and headed to work. My schedule was full and I had piles of papers on my desk, but I love busy days that fly by, filled with things to do that make me feel accomplished, so I was grateful and started my load with a hot chocolate in hand.

Then just before lunch time I got the call. It was my mom, informing me that my kid brother had rolled his truck and was in the ICU.

I cried like a baby as I drove to the hospital, knowing he was going to be okay but filled with so many emotions that I thought my heart might rip. Because you just don't realize how much you love someone, how much you really love someone, until something happens that forces you to remember.

I spent the next couple of hours at the hospital with my brother and prayed my thanks that he was okay, that it wasn't worse than it was. Stitches and staples and bruises, dislocated shoulder, bruised ribs, head injuries. He sat up in bed and laughed with me and I wished I could hug him without breaking him. But he is okay, I remind myself. He is okay.

After leaving the hospital so that kid brother could get some rest, the hubs and I headed to Panda Express to eat lunch and breathe a little. Some honey walnut shrimp and onion filled chow mein later, I felt a little more sane. And the husband, with his amazing ways of always making me feel like a million bucks, looks at me and says with nothing but sincerity,

"You look really cute today babe."

Say whaaaat??! My hair is a frizz ball in a ponytail. My make up is all cried off. I am a mess. And I just remembered I have a large zit on my jawbone.  I look really cute today?!

What a silly little thing, but having someone around in life that thinks you are the prettiest thing in the world, well there is something magical it does. Not because I wallow in feeling like a mess, but because he really thinks it. He thinks I'm beautiful and how about that? It's the little things, I tell you. The hubs, he knows how to do those little things that turn into the big things. He always knows.

So here I am trying to tell a story of a crazy and scary and emotionally draining day in one little blog post, and I am doing nothing but a terrible job. Because how do you put these kind of feelings and thoughts into words?

To sum up:

I am so glad that mister J didn't paint his walls with poop. And even a little glad that Rockie helped me clean it up.

I am sooooo, sooooo, so glad that my kid brother is okay. That he's going to get through this. That he is so loved by so many people. I hope he never ever forgets how many people love him.

I am so glad that I married my best friend, who always makes me feel loved and never alone. And beautiful.

And I am really so glad that the day is ending now and it's wind down time.

And I can't say that I haven't let Rockie kiss me. But I can say I haven't let her kiss my face.


  1. Im so sorry for the super crappy day you had. Im glad your brother is going to be okay though, what a relief that must have been. But I must admit that I laughed right out loud when I was reading the Jace/Rocky/ Poop story. I could just picture my life in a year or two while I was reading it. Oh the joys of being a momma- I can't wait!!

    1. Yes, the joys! It's quite the experience. You are going to be a great mama!!