Sometimes coming up with a title is harrdddd.

Look, I don't know about you but this week has been the longest! Long days at work, long days at home, long days of rain, and don't even get me started about that day it snowed! Holy moly. One minute I'm outside admiring our sprouting lettuce and peas in the garden, and the next minute our yard is covered in snow and I'm all, wtf?! Then today it's fifty degrees and I'll be darned if we don't live in the valley of pms weather, am I right? Good gravy.

So how would you feel about me telling you some random thoughts and recent happenings that are flying around in my head like witches on broomsticks? And how would you feel if I number them in no particular order and for absolutley no reason at all?

1. I've been living with headaches all week, and I started to be concerned that I am probably dying of cancer. As one does when their headaches increase tremendously in one weeks time. (Right? Or am I the only one who does this?) Well the good news is, I'm not dying of cancer (or that I know of, I'll keep you updated on that one). And the bad news is, apparently too much caffeine gives you headaches and migraines. Who knew? Good-bye, french vanilla cappucinos and caramel lattes. Hello headache free living! HIGH FIVE TO MYSELF.

2. I discovered lip STAIN, not to be confused with lip STICK, and I am in love. I've never been able to use lipstick because it doesn't last, not too mention it doesn't get along well with my dry lips. But stain? Beaut. Lasts all day. I'm going to get one in every color, I tell you! Reds and corals and nudes, oh my. It's making me even more anxious for summer! (But come on, what doesn't make me anxious for summer?)

3. My son can sing along to 'Thrift Shop'. Does this make me a bad mother? (don't answer that.)

4. Our nurse just got back from maternity leave, and she was soooo missed. Best day ever.

5. I get Jimmy Johns for lunch today, and, HELLO. I could eat there every dang day.

6. Speaking of which, have I mentioned how much I love my job? Free lunches on a regular basis? It's a cushy life I live.

7. The sun is shining today and guess whose fruit trees are planted? (Did that sound dirty to anyone else?) Yep, my husband is amazing. UH-MAZE-ING. The guy has put his heart and soul into our yard, and it's turning out to be a big ol' slice of chocolate cake, that's what! Beautiful and delicious. Now if it will just dry out long enough for the cherry on top, sprinklers and grass. Then we will be living the high life I tell you!

8. I could count the times I had a moment to breathe this week on one hand. And two of them (including this) I've used to blog. The other one I used to eat a lime-coconut cupcake.

9. My spell check isn't working on this blog post, so every big word I've written I've put in google to double check that I'm spelling it correctly.

10. Have I told you that we have a little old man on our hands? Mister J reads tractor magazines over breakfast, flipping through them while he munches on toast or cereal, and I'll be darned if it's not the funniest thing.

11. I'm obsessed with The Voice this season. USHER! How cute is he?! Holla! (ps. I just googled "URsher, and this is what comes up on urban dictionary: Ursher: what 'colored people' call singers named "Usher". Oh and it gets better, then it uses it in a sentence: Ursher got the voice to make yo' booty go *SLAP*!)

12. Um.

13. I'm getting my hair colored in three weeks, so I apologize in advance for the overload of blonde hair color pictures on pinterest. (I should really apologize for the pinterest everything overload everyday? No?)

Okay, 13 is enough. I could go on, but I better run. You were saved by a pressing staff meeting filled with Jimmy John sandwiches! PEACE OUT playa!

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