What's a blog for, if not to post a million pictures every week?

 photo AED6788D-2196-4B4A-8A52-2D88AF67D8A5-11380-00000B6CD484969D_zpsbcb5db88.jpg photo 369F4754-9791-48D6-A0C8-89526B88ABA9-11380-00000B6CC6732EC9_zps62d8ee00.jpg photo 3CDBFB82-298A-4FB0-BE0D-C7F6AFDF6A38-11380-00000B6CE06C5812_zps3d558514.jpg photo 3851D48C-568A-4FD8-BD5D-3AA2BDB679E9-11380-00000B6CEBAA91D9_zps3f9bbf6c.jpg photo 54AC1F9F-774C-417F-8965-ECE68658B7C9-11380-00000B6CF682B1B4_zpsa8586e98.jpg photo BE9D225A-E5CC-401E-917C-68BB435ADD1B-11380-00000B6D0CE9D3C4_zps8dc9bc3f.jpg photo A0B3559C-E439-4F17-A2BB-D12AF34FB9BD-11380-00000B6D2FA6A2D9_zps66cf0d1d.jpg photo 611E2F01-02DF-4984-BC2C-F8E4D3EEC157-11380-00000B6D3C01741A_zpsde436d36.jpg photo D8B542B6-04D7-4195-95F0-7932F67CA1E0-11380-00000B6D78FB5873_zpsa8f5651e.jpg photo 8D356248-181F-4461-8FBE-2227F1511C98-11380-00000B6D8A73A569_zps28118dd6.jpg photo DD56D8E3-D08B-405D-9A87-EED135D88C0A-11380-00000B6D9352D091_zps39a696ce.jpg photo DDE51CB7-128D-4D28-B57E-BE4A937C7BD0-11380-00000B6DA2FB5BFA_zpsc14314fd.jpg photo 27F353EE-CD25-4E3C-BE73-459BA0F363DE-11380-00000B6DB79DAB26_zpsd7172d51.jpg photo 5D1320D0-EE0F-43A7-973F-B045D30CF42B-11380-00000B6DC2C507CB_zpsc25116be.jpg photo DBB65F4F-B259-4C88-B89A-3015A778845E-11380-00000B6DAEAC4ABA_zps7885e744.jpg photo 4BE00B73-FFCA-4AAF-9797-5D087C88945B-11380-00000B6DC95E65DA_zpsbd8b4934.jpg

I know, another jumble of a picture overload jammed into one blog post. I need to get my organization on! Next time, though, because it's too late for that today.

Did you know it's officially Spring now? Well, so says the weatherman but he has broken my heart one too many times for me to just TRUST what he says anymore. We're back in the habit of climbing in the stroller the second we get home from preschool and taking a nice stroll around town before dinner time. Oh, what good that does for our souls! And I'm looking forward to buying some fresh flowers this weekend and sticking them in a vase. Fresh flowers for the home! You might as well hang a great big sign up at my house that says HALLELUJAH, IT'S SPRING! or, A HAPPY MAMA LIVES HERE NOW!

Also, the hubs has been spending any spare time he has in the yard putting in our sprinklers. I'm very grateful and even more proud of him, but another thing-if you see him will you tell him I say hello? Because I don't see him much anymore. And I just think about luscious green grass filled with trampoline jumping and kiddie pool swimming and summer bbq's, and I remember it will all be worth it soon. Sooooonnnnnnn.

Happy Friday friends! Happy WEEKEND! Happy SPRINGGGG!

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