A week in pictures and a Happy Weekend to ya.

 photo 0E2A49BB-501A-446F-B329-896A1F712DC8-20624-000014B8D7394B6F_zpsfd8fddd8.jpg photo 8AE5C1D5-3643-4010-9CBF-F026F608A195-20624-000014B987B07C6B_zps7c346dfe.jpg photo EF59E0A1-CC0C-4BAF-A5EF-B8D38FE89AA7-20624-000014B9960CE2A5_zps1393ab6b.jpg photo 0B9BAE14-B994-4662-AAC1-F65E836DBB20-20624-000014B99EA272D9_zps42b4978f.jpg photo 4D119716-66DE-432B-8220-F2C4FE8218AC-20624-000014B9A9705069_zpsc9ec40ce.jpg photo 9D19C391-87F5-4666-A4CC-BA2114DB19DD-20624-000014B9B05FB484_zps780bab08.jpg photo 5F65F953-3278-4117-B37B-3E4C5A6FF506-20624-000014BA29BA5ECC_zpsae22564d.jpg photo CAF487D5-08CA-4730-87E7-BCC25CB83FCF-20624-000014BA306B0557_zps85fc3b8e.jpg photo CDFE0CDB-EB63-4CC1-ADF9-570F9A1A96E4-20624-000014BA372BDE5D_zps74bca9c4.jpg photo B52AF9E5-EEC7-412D-8480-584B847B920E-20624-000014BA4F3F7853_zpsd16f4743.jpg photo D59DD98E-A91E-481E-A589-7818E96357AD-20624-000014BA5E1C706F_zps3d45e08e.jpg photo 634A7E92-EF30-47EC-B5C4-EB243BECB182-20624-000014BA69AC49ED_zpscaaf8e90.jpg photo 5EE54BBB-0C39-474B-BA75-BD26AB2A27B9-20624-000014BA6D6AF6B1_zps5a6cff04.jpg photo 1405DDF8-E906-40AD-B6DD-7E25CFFC759F-20624-000014BA72A3DB12_zpsc1da2aaf.jpg photo 536b68e9-985f-41ae-91a1-6f765001abf8_zps7f955d3d.jpg

{What, you were expecting me to be organized this time? I'm going to stop apologizing for my lack of organization here. I just post pictures whenever I want, in no particular order and with no captions and that's how it's going to be sometimes. Let's all just get used to it I guess.}

That last picture is to show you my new blondie blonde hair. Just ignore my weird facial expression there. Not all of us can be amazing at taking selfies, okay? And also, I may have made my bed just for that picture. But I couldn't be bothered with putting the decorative pillows on the bed so they are still stacked by my nightstand. Pathetic, no? Decorative pillows are such a hassle you guys. I'm over them. But back to the blonde...getting my hair done is something I treat myself to maybe twice a year if I'm lucky, so it's always a big deal. If you follow me on facebook and instagram you know that I'm feeling an awful lot like Gwenyth Paltrow and I think I know why she's so happy. It's not the million dollars or the perfect body, it's that lemon blonde hair! Ombre shombre, I'm loving this full blonde. I'm ready for summah time!

And now that I've spent a whole selfish paragraph raving about my hair, let's move on...

It's Friday! A sunny Friday, nonetheless, and what could be better?

Oh great, ever since I just wrote the word Friday and Sunny I lost all of my motivation to be here on the computer blogging. Because it's FRIDAY, remember? Sorry dudes. I'm out!

Happy Weekend!

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