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// Last week we took little dude out for the first boat ride of the season. At first, even though he thought the boat was neat to look at, he was pretty leery about getting on the thing. But the drivers date happened to bring fruit snacks and they worked wonders for bribery! Which made me feel foolish, because I couldn't even remember to bring something to bribe him with?! Doh. ANYway, he warmed up quickly and loved the ride. Besides the two melt downs when mom and dad got out of the boat to wake-board. But we made it through.

For days now he will randomly bring up our evening boating. "Black boat? Black boat!" That's his way of saying, "Remember how we went boating on the black boat?" And it's quite the cutest thing.

And the thing is, we also didn't get home until eleven o'clock and that's maybe the latest little dude has gotten to stay up and play so far, so that was a big deal. It's also the reason he slept in his rash guard and didn't wake up until after nine o'clock. Those are the days that really feel like summer, you know?? You know.

 photo E76E7591-99E9-440E-8727-5B1E2B12E77B-7289-0000088E19682900_zps6623dd88.jpg photo A9F67BF7-99C3-4FA5-AD3F-C1CE489E171B-7289-0000088D7E93AC73_zps0bca4d32.jpg photo 3E48959E-E924-432A-9A04-22C5450CE943-7289-0000088D88FDDD11_zpsd49a6116.jpg photo B65C8EA0-249D-4DB0-9391-1869580A9262-7289-0000088D92228E70_zps9b6bbe36.jpg photo 6F3DDF15-6A67-4F44-8ED7-2E08FD4E6AE9-7289-0000088DA1EA8B6A_zpsd2b4b073.jpg photo 6BD23A21-05FB-456D-B33A-0270369062D6-7289-0000088D9AF328B7_zpsbab31b26.jpg photo 11E2C371-878B-4F6D-8D49-879C734B6A6A-7289-0000088DBE1BBA5C_zps879a35ce.jpg photo F01E4715-FB16-4552-87EC-13185258DA54-7289-0000088DB6525447_zps3140349c.jpg photo A975BC21-E6BE-472D-847B-63F07E961FEC-7289-0000088E378F4B47_zps4b48a3ea.jpg  photo B2C247ED-8D55-42B7-AD7B-84F0EF6DE340-7289-0000088DC7540D6B_zps1220d890.jpg

// Another thing little dude is obsessed with as of late is bicycles. Only problem is, he can't peddle. Except, I wouldn't say can't as much as won't. He has tried once or twice, but the slowness of learning something new is lost on him because he wants what he wants now and he can't be bothered with a learning curve. Which if we're honest, he gets from me? Needless to say, bike rides around the block are the slowest. But we try to be patient, since he's having fun and all. Sure will be nice when he speeds it up a little!
 photo 75E8A5D9-D0A8-4CF0-9A2A-6BE8A6714867-7289-0000088E4C16BCF0_zps3d0d9bf3.jpg photo F3A463C5-4BA6-4195-8670-39DAAC337FEC-7289-0000088E54E2242A_zps1ae71bff.jpg photo 69394749-79B7-47F8-9046-3D255D87ECD1-7289-0000088E5E7A9BAE_zpsd1f66563.jpg

// And then there was the first day of summer. Officially, you know. We spent our afternoon at the splash pad with some grapes to munch on, so that it really felt like summer, even though it was cloudy and windy and a little bit colder then a summer day usually feels. And also, little dude didn't get in the water once, which was weird. But he's a moody little bugger and I'm starting to wonder how much the clouds affect it all? That's okay though, because we sat on our blanket and watched the kids and squawked every now and again when one of them did something exciting, as we do. I even let mister J try a few sips of my dirty dr pepper, which he loved. I told him, listen son, this will be your addiction in the future and I will be so proud of you for staying away from mountain dew and sticking with the good stuff!

Also, if you'll notice, little dude is getting really good at his derp face. I'm glad derp faces are so cute on little kids. But also, he takes after his dad when you put a camera in his face. It's sort of tragic. But luckily I love them both and their camera derp faces.

 photo D07925A1-F29D-411E-8808-D874B6FCA768-7289-0000088EAD8E0BBC_zps85bacfc5.jpg photo 2B2C5AAF-3716-4D0C-8E96-70909D737615-7289-0000088EB4FF7C58_zpsd34ebb07.jpg photo F2CB59BB-F39E-408C-B89D-7881C5432E59-7289-0000088EC1874ED3_zps0d02bcb8.jpg photo B7960203-140C-4C59-AC7B-D0AB9C1E1C73-7289-0000088ED0FB4A86_zpse601466b.jpg photo 92E33E5C-4423-478E-AC3D-CFE284789784-7289-0000088ED5F20720_zps9044de32.jpg
 photo 795A57D2-F7DE-43BB-A8FA-C3A556553793-7289-0000088ED9901756_zpsb1cfde76.jpg

// So that's that. A few days from our weird, routine-less week. But things are picking up and this week is looking kind of promising? I have my first patch of a sunburn and mister J is back on a decent sleep schedule, both of which are good signs.

And speaking of good signs. It was grandpa's birthday over the weekend and of all things, they left the remainder of their birthday cake at our house which is BAD NEWS you guys. I have been eating cake all day long! So if someone could come take it off my hands, that would be fabulous, thank you. I mean, I could throw it in the dumpster but then I'd look reallyyyy pathetic when I dug it out later to have another slice. You know what I mean?

Happy Monday!

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