This and That.

 photo 34732998-9790-4B06-A9BB-3B890812D523-19577-000012CF4421245C_zps470585b3.jpg photo CA5F6135-A58C-43F7-B9F4-46AE1D3BE004-19577-000012CF3ABBE468_zpsddf3eca3.jpg

// J loves to bathe his toys in the sink, but this time lightning mcqueen and mater got a fancy bath in wine glasses, of all things. Mister J was so proud of himself.

 photo 974F5EC3-E435-4DBA-B883-A617349CBDCF-19577-000012CF4D1C6415_zpsd6d78e4c.jpg

// all tuckered out after a day without a nap and an evening at grandma's house, where he sliced his head on a sharp piece of cement and if there is one thing I'm learning it's that those little head cuts BLEED and BLEED. I know, because I have an active two year old boy with a giant head. Poor boy.

 photo 0B58D48E-744A-4AEE-8A60-FE2863FE4678-19577-000012CF585D3E1E_zpsf9ee1370.jpg photo 0E9130D3-284A-4BA1-A690-3C29454DA181-19577-000012CF60F0A345_zpsa8f1ec9e.jpg photo 43BA0F7A-C05D-4777-96F6-D6686994C260-19577-000012CF6DB2F7D7_zps6803d20e.jpg photo 1197166C-99C9-459D-A1E6-4A3E6031B4D2-19577-000012CF751F0509_zpse99c4fee.jpg photo B272DF0B-4D84-4F38-A1EC-2EDDBD629414-19577-000012CF7DBF3EEB_zps3729555b.jpg photo B8C10FD3-C8D6-4955-B034-239BD1C20708-19577-000012CF849CE7B2_zpsaac856fb.jpg

// a no pants photo shoot with a popsicle. he's the kind of boy that merits a hundred pictures a day, because they all turn out SO CUTE. Am I right??!

 photo B24FBA0C-DA13-4B3B-96AC-C1512743EA11-19577-000012CF8E995D58_zps7a18de6a.jpg

// and last, our dinnertime and evenings spent in the backyard, which is HUGE because this is the first time in two years that we have had GRASS. Oh how I love and will never take for granted having a lawn again.

// Mister J and I slept past nine again this morning, twice in one week! Hallelujah! Oh how we love sleeping in. Overall, this week has been pretty great compared to the last month or so. I'm pretty excited about this timeout thing, it seems to be working wonders so far!

I was thinking this morning about how routine life has been these last couple of years. A good routine. Do you ever go back each year and think about all that has changed? It's kind of my favorite thing to do, which explains why I journal so much. I love looking back and seeing where I was and what I was doing at this time last year. And for a few years there, everything was so exciting!

"If I had known this time last year that this year I would be dating this awesome guy!"

"If I had known this time last year that this year I would be engaged!"

"If I had known this time last year that this year I would be having A BABY!" (THAT was a big one...)

"If we had known this time last year that this year we would buy a home!"

It was all a fabulous rollar coaster every year. But then it kind of settled down and the past couple of years have been more of a, "look how much Jace has grown this past year..." kind of reminiscing. And otherwise it's been very routine and staying the same and if there is one thing I need in my life through all of the crazy adventures it's some routine. So I'm grateful for that.

But also...I'm ready for another adventure! I hope that next year at this time I can look back and say something exciting about "If I had known this time last year..." kind of thing. I'm ready for some more excitement! (Or am I??)

That being said. This has been one of my very favorite summers so far. We have it pretty darn good, me and mine.

Happy Friday you guys! Go get you some!


PS all of you bloggers: this is the second post this week where I've had to compose the entire thing in HTML format, because my compose page won't work. HTML format is such a pain in the rear! What is going on? Anyone else having the same problem??

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