// As I've been slacking in the posting pictures department, here are some random shots of some happenings in our neck of the woods as of late:

 photo F94E1545-A213-4ED2-A101-15736A426407.jpg photo E68DFB8C-E11F-469D-9727-A22A89F6EF45.jpg photo 5AD0DE1C-944A-441B-923B-94204EB89199.jpg photo 0DA2686D-F64B-4B3A-814C-1FCDB5747C2A.jpg photo ACAC2DE3-A5B2-4C5F-8D3F-CFE9854ADFB5.jpg photo 291E76CC-3608-46A1-9EAC-41B1A853D5C5.jpg photo 2C1E81D8-18A2-49AB-93F6-0F4322365792.jpg photo 0CF30917-EFA2-4DFD-8A26-3F8DA9D72DD6.jpg photo 012DAB3F-EA76-49A9-8E9C-2B7ABC907E3A.jpg photo 53476C3C-E686-45B0-A6FC-2B5E8499EB42.jpg photo 9453B624-61DB-4683-B8AA-7EFAD7878937.jpg photo CE744398-353D-4318-A2EA-11F7EA4C7921.jpg photo B4B8B5B7-595D-457F-9DE9-B9B0117CCEC9.jpg photo AB132863-6453-46E4-B8BE-7E22A09FC711.jpg

// Last weekend we attended a surprise birthday dinner for a friend of ours at a fancy steakhouse through the canyon. It was such a fun night in good company with good food, the kind of night that you don't even know you really, really needed.

I also loved it because at the end of the night when the hostess told us to take some mints with us, the hubs thought to say "okay, twist my arm!" but what actually came out was, "okay, pull my finger!" and we laughed and laughed and laughed until we cried. One of us in the group might have peed her pants a little. (it wasn't me, I swear! no it really wasn't!)

// Some other happy-haps: Last week I bought a krispy kreme glazed cherry pie in a package at a gas station because it looked like it would really hit the spot, but when I got home I realized it has 400 stinkin' calories! So what it is, is that I've been taking a couple bites here and there and then stuffing it back in my purse all week long. I still have at least four bites left. I am going to make such a good old lady you guys.

// We took Jace to the college basketball game and the kid does not like the buzzer. I mean really, he has some extremely sensitive ears. He also can't hold still but for that I don't blame him, because remember how he's still two? And he's a boy.

// Cadbury eggs are now for christmas time. If that's not the best new ever?

// We are leaving tomorrow for our thanksgiving getaway and I couldn't be more ready for a getaway. Over the mountains and through the woods, with family and turkey and pie and a pool, which that one is really important.

// And that's about it folks. Other than how much I just love this time of year. Knock on wood but this years weather has been perfect so far. It was an unusually warm but beautiful fall, the kind that doesn't only last two days you know? And now that it's thanksgiving time the valley has chilled, but the snow is just enough to make the mountains BEAUTIFUL while also leaving only a small frost on the grass. And nothing on the roads, which is always very important to me. It's just the way I like it!

Sometimes I really just love this little college town valley of mine.

Happy {almost} friday you guys!


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  1. Hey Megs! Here is the link to the new blog. I seriously might have you help me make mine look better. Yours is so cute. Mine is so sad haha!