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^^ these two pups are new best friends. the boston and the welsh! aren't they cute?

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^^ roasting s'mores at the cabin.

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^^ sundays down by the river.

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^^ helping dad mow the lawn. isn't he a dreamboat?!

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^^ last week I may have overloaded on eating cookie dough. I may have finished off that entire bucket of papa murphy's cookie dough there. and I swear to you, it wasn't until after I ate it that it suddenly occurred to me: hey, isn't it true that i'm not supposed to eat raw cookie dough while pregnant? how did I forget that? so I got out my trusty google search engine, hoping to find some stories from pregnant woman that ate loads of raw cookie dough and were just fine. however, that is not what I found at all. the very first article that popped up on my screen was about a women who was sent into a coma due to e-coli she contracted from some nestle tollhouse cookie dough that she had eaten.

this story quickly sent me into a hormonal panic attack that left me on my knees in tears, begging God to let me and this baby live and I promise that I won't eat any raw cookie dough again! I mean, until after this baby comes of course. and even then I will be really careful about it! just please let us live!

and here I am, so... so far God has been merciful.

that's a true story, by the way.

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^^ for our anniversary dinner the hubs took me to red lobster where I filled up on everything that I have been craving for the past 8 months. I could have eaten ten more crab legs and lobster tails!

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^^ our baby fruit trees survived the winter! hallelujah.

 photo 402D47A5-1902-43D4-B01D-1FB611768E2F.jpg

^^ mother's day breakfast, where I put myself into a turkey-bacon coma.

so this morning.

this morning I came out of my bedroom to find dan and jace snuggling on the rocking chair. "Good morning Jace!" I whispered, and he shyly nuzzled his sleepy head back into dad's shoulder while smiling at me and whispering a sweet hello.

He then abruptly turned back to dad and loudly stated, "Dad, mom is BIG!"

Yes, yes she is son. She is carrying a baby.

Kids are so honest, aren't they?

And let's talk about working. I am 8 months pregnant and working full time the past few weeks, which is kind of almost killing me now. I worry it's going to put me into labor, except I don't worry about it as much as I actually kind of hope it does? You know the feeling? I'd love to get this babe out of me soon, only for fear that if I stretch any bigger I'm going to pop right open anyway.

oh but my baby shower is coming up, and isn't that nice? I wasn't expecting a shower because, you know, it's my second and all. but my lovely friend nicole asked if she could throw one for me and she is just the sweetest. so little guy can feel free to come after the shower, that's what. anytime after the baby shower is fine with me.

the truth is, the unknown is hard. I wish I could better plan on the day this baby will arrive, so I could schedule things around that day. cleaning and decluttering and all the selfish things, like getting some lash extensions and leg waxing so I can look pretty while being exhausted with a newborn baby. but this baby is so big that it's all just up in the air! he could come in two weeks, he could come in six! what am I supposed to do with that time frame anyway? just sit back and enjoy the ride, I suppose. i'll just continue to complain to the hubs every night at 8:00 pm like clockwork, and try to get the nursery finished, and eat all of the food in the world kitchen, and quit dropping things on the floor all of the time. because for a woman who would rather BURN than bend over these days, I sure drop things an awful lot.

and I bet you all are so excited for this baby to come because 1. pictures of a chunky newborn, am I right? and 2. I will stop talking about pregnancy and/or food all of the time.

yes, it will be grand for all of us.

 and now monday is almost over, hallelujah!


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