iphone photo dump + a pretend birthday party


this morning jace found a long string of tape and used it to "decorate" the wall. "it's da birfday pardy! happy birfday mom! i got you da presents!" he then handed me a cup, the top covered by rockie's slobbery fetch ball. "open it mom!"

so i took the ball from the top and found the cup was filled with little gravel rocks from outside. "ohhhh, thank you for this present! i love it!" i told him excitedly while watching his eyes sparkle.

"yow welcome! happy birfday! let's eat pancakes!" (he calls any kind of cake "pancakes". it's so cute that i hardly ever correct him.)

i think he tells me "happy birfday" at least every other day. when it's not someone's birthday, he loves to pretend it is. and when it is someone's birthday, he loves to blow the candles out on their cake.

he's a keeper, this kid.

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