five things i'm loving this week


^^ this book. what a fantastic read! i am all over the idea that our children have personality traits that are them, and rather than trying to change them we need to be encouraging them. in this book she gives grand ideas on how to encourage and accept and applaud, rather than trying to make your child into something they aren't. my j-man is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT type 2 (the sensitive child), and as i'm reading i find that i'm a type 2 as well. highly recommend this read to you mamas out there!

^^ fall decor. too early? truth be told i'm not big into decorating for seasons. but the hubs said, hey my love do you want the corn stalks from our garden? and i thought, well geez, people pay money for that stuff! so i tied some burlap around those beauts, hung them on our pillars, and it just feels right. i mean, it is september after all.

^^ einstein bagels you handsome devil you. turns out that they have uh-maze-ing coffee and it also turns out that by saving your cup you can get a coffee refill for the cheapest price in town. that would be a buck and seventy-two cents. take that, mcd's! and that's WITH a pump of flavor. my preference is iced with pumpkin.

^^ this smooth and seal hair product. an important backstory: just this week i've decided to let my hair make some decisions around here. i mean, my whole life i've been telling my hair what to do. you're too straight, be curly! you're too wavy, be straighter! let me fry you to get you how i want you! i've just been so very bossy and not very nice to my hair. so suddenly it hits me: why don't you let your hair tell you what it wants? have you done that before?

so after the shower, i said here you go hair. show me what you'd like. and she did! she showed me a little bit of frizz and some kinks and some waves. and i'm just trying to accept over here, you know. accept my hair for who she is and not who i want her to be.

and anyway, long story longer: i couldn't have done it without this smooth and seal. while my hair was damp i sprayed this beaut all over in the ends and underneath and by golly it helps calm the frizz outta this unruly mop.

^^ tanwise self tanner. because ever since i was educated on skin cancer (a little too late, truth be told, because in high school and college the tanning beds were my second home) i can't live without self tanner. i'm always on the hunt for a good self tanner and this one wins because it's affordable. twelve dollars a pop! just the cheapest. i got mine at sally's.

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