the nursery

this is a tad overdue. better late than never?

the truth is, the nursery isn't complete yet. i've put off posting pictures because i was hoping to have all of the final touches done first, but i recently realized that if i keep putting it off it will never get done! so even though it's an almost finished work in progress, here is what we have thus far. (don't you just love that word? THUS.)

we live in a four bedroom two-story home, and the two smallest bedrooms in the house are the boys' rooms. there are two things we love in our home: simple and cozy, and the boy's rooms are the perfect cozy size. and truth be told, they are probably two of my very favorite rooms in the entire house.

for b's nursery i was drawn to sort of an adventurer themed room. we are an outdoorsy family who love adventures, so it seemed very fitting. and truthfully the nursery turned out to be such a peaceful place. in that first month it was beck and i's solitude from the chaos. when he was just days old we would lay that sweet newborn babe on his changing table and he would instantly become so calm and studious, staring at the walls and studying the room over with his tiny eyes. the aura in the nursery is so very soothing.

without further ado: cruddy iphone pictures! if you'd rather see it in person, feel free to stop by anytime. ;)

oh and here's the deets, if you're interested:

> the three wall prints we designed ourselves, then printed and framed them. (live life, be brave, explore)
> for curtains we used an old blanket from mexico. one, because it looks awesome and really fits into the room's theme, and two, because it keeps the room dark for naptimes.
> the pine tree wall decals are from this etsy shop.
> i made the pinecone garland, instructions here.
> large world atlas map from amazon. (to be framed)
> the bug wall light is from ikea.
> the glider is a family hand-me-down.
> diaper genie.
> crib and changing table we bought online for jace and i can't for the life of me remember the site we bought them from! doh.
> the damask toy box turned temporary hamper is from hobby lobby.
> the vintage alphabet cards i printed from this site. i'm currently working on replacing them with some adorable woodland animal/camping vintage alphabet cards, to better tie into the theme.
> dan sewed that rhino pillow himself! i'm also going to add these pillows and this one to the collection.
> crib sheets from target.
> black and white damask crib bumpers set also old, purchased online.
> skate or cry trucker hat found here (ours was a gift!)

soon to be additions:

this nightlight.
these campfire seats.
some black hooks to hang the hundreds of hats he inherited from his big brother.

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