it's that time of year


Each season has it's own beauty. Each year when the cold air blows in for the winter, I almost instantly miss the sun lingering in the sky until past the children's bedtime, long walks by the river, picnics at the park and endless opportunities for adventures to pursue on any given day.

This season has its perks, don't get me wrong. Candy coated nuts, red poinsettias, sweater boots, peppermint mochas, snow capped mountains, bing crosby christmas music. The nostalgic vibes that come with this season are irreplaceable. There is this intense yet peaceful spirit of the holidays that floats in the air everywhere you go, and that in and of itself is beautiful.

I'm just sure you've already heard, but this week has been full of sickness in our house. We're passing it around like 99 bottles of beer on the wall, only it's 99 bottles of throwing up with a side of pink eye. We are hunkering down for the weekend, spraying lysol on every toy and counter-top, smothering our hands with antibacterial every ten minutes, sprinkling saltine cracker crumbs in pathways around the house like hansel and gretel, diffusing essential oils and watching you've got mail and while you were sleeping on repeat.  (Which doesn't sound terrible because I politely left out some of the more unpleasant details regarding the reason I'm running a load of laundry every hour or so.)

As I do every weekend, I had high hopes for this weekend. I was going to take mister J on a snowy sleigh ride at hardware ranch to see the elk, do some christmas shopping with my girlfriends, spend an evening at the cabin all bundled up around a smoky campfire, maybe even convince the hubs to take me to see reese witherspoon's new movie "wild". But I'm watching those weekend plans as they fly out the window and really just accepting that sometimes you are dealt cards in life that are filled with nasty contagious viruses. It's inevitable.

The hubs and I aren't good at sitting around. Staying home all weekend sounds like torture to us, so these kinds of situations are always pushing our limits. And at any rate, I suppose hunkering down is a good excuse to finally put up the christmas tree. My excuse for not yet doing this is teetering between being pathetic and being in denial.

Now here's to hoping you and yours don't get these awful viruses going around. And if you do, drink lots of gingerale. (The hubs and Jace both recommend Reed's Jamaican Style Ginger Beer. I'm still deciding.) Good lucktoya!

House of sickies, over and out!

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