Winter Blues


Where is my motivation? If you find it, will you kindly give it back? I’m hanging on by a thread lately. Sure, I’m making it to the gym at 5 in the morning and I’m keeping my house slightly clean and the laundry washed (but not put away, mind you) and there is food on the shelves (ramen noodles) and I still take Rockie on her daily (weekly) walks and we are all alive! Barely. Every day is touch and go. Every night I go to bed just sure that this will be the night that I give up! It’s all too exhausting and I can’t do it anymore! But somehow I wake up each morning with a tiny sliver of resolve that by some miracle lasts me throughout the day. I also wake up every morning with a pot of coffee and I can’t be sure while also I’m absolutely sure that this makes up 95% of the tiny “sliver of resolve” that is getting me through the day.

I'm being slightly dramatic.

This year (we are just over thirty days into this year! that’s all!) I have already been hugely impacted by the eye opening concepts in the health and wellness department of life. I sense some life altering things happening in my universe right now, the kind that are leading me down the path into a whole new, beautiful land. I’m so excited about these mind blowing discoveries I’m making! While also, I’m still just barely surviving remember? I’m hoping to have more motivation to make more life changing changes really soon. But don’t push me, okay?. It’s all I can do these days not to curl up on the couch with an extra large popcorn and watch Gilmore girls allllllll dayyyyyyy looonnnnngggg. Hashtag winter depression.

I'm still being slightly dramatic.
 The truth is, this winter has been kind of golden in the weather department. I don't even remember the last snowstorm we had! Lots of rain in the valley and snow in the mountains, just the way I like it. Just yesterday I was walking in a light jacket and the birds were chirping and it felt like spring. It was a breath of fresh air, those birds chirping and the smell of the wet dirt after a long rainstorm. It was a ray of hope, a reminder that spring will be here soon enough.
I'm so looking forward to spring. Because of the sunshine and flowers, sure, but also because there will be some big changes in my neck of the woods and I'm so excited I could PUKE! This year is going to be the biggest adventure of all of our years. We are motivated and inspired and taking big steps to make sure these big adventures really happen. Afterall, "A goal without a plan is just a wish." So we've got plans. Big plans and big changes. It's the only way to make your dreams come true. 
 Come onnnnn, Spring!

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