mondays are for the birds

I'm typing this post while eating a thick slice of leftover lasagna for breakfast to take a much needed break from my past hour of scouring the house and turning everything upside down in search of the one and only copy of our car key.

The last time I was this equally frustrated and baffled so happens to be the last time I lost this exact same key, while at my in-laws, which turned up hours later (after I had hitched a ride home and left my dang car at their house) inside of the children's advil box in my diaper bag.

And yes, we have considered making a copy of the key numerous times but, alas, we have the key that costs $300 to copy and isn't that ridiculous?!

Anyway. Today has been the epitome of a Monday. The kind of Monday where nothing in the entire world sounds more appealing than crawling back in bed and sleeping until Tuesday.

And now I will grumpily present, pictures of life lately for the crofts! Lovely mountain bike rides with my sweet little crew, kayaking, park play dates, the changing of leaves up the canyon, a taylor swift concert with my sissy, trail running, currently reading eat pray love (already wayyyyy better than the movie!), annual fall shopping trip with my favorite girls, roasting s'mores up the canyon with great company, and tomatoes for days. And we are still suffering through ninety degrees over here while anxiously awaiting the cool weather that has been promised to us starting this week!

So, but, I'll let you know if the key turns up. Wish me luck.



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