life lately in pictures + pre-thanksgiving celebrations


It's Monday and I'm not entirely sure how that happened. Life has been speeding at alarmingly high miles per hour these days and I'm trying so hard to keep up with it but come on man, slow down already willya!? I know that statistically speaking I'm probably just a bore of a broken record every single year around the holidays with my how is it already (insert "november" "december" "thanksgiving" "christmas" "the year 20-whatnotandwhathaveyou" here)!? And because of that, I know I sound like the mom who cried wolf but I PROMISE this year is going faster than any other year of my entire life so far. I swear it!

So over the weekend we had our first of three annual thanksgiving dinners. Our Novembers are always this beautiful blur of too much turkey and yams and pie, with a hefty side of family and friends and memories made. It's LAHH-valee in all of the ways Thanksgiving should be, you know, the ways that make you just so very thankful. So we spent this past traditional weekend in bear lake with my side of the family doing all of the usual doings like hiking, swimming, eating and playing silly games that make us laugh so hard we cry. Also this year it should be noted that Dan and I didn't get much sleep because our sweet B-man likes to put up a real good fight when it comes to sleeping anywhere that isn't his nursery. And anyway, who needs sleep? (ME, I DO.) But it was so wonderful and I came home five pounds heavier so that's always a sign of a good time.

Also, as if we were straight out of AFV, someone in our group (it wasn't me) fell into the pool with their clothes on. (it was my mom.)

Also, my new yam recipe is THE BOMB DOT COM. So dang delicious while also, sooooo easy to make.

And then! When we got home from bear lake yesterday afternoon the sun was shining and it was a toasty fifty degrees outside, can you believe that? Dan picked up some fresh manure and set to tilling the garden while the boys and I frolicked in the yard. As the sun was hovering over the mountain tops we grabbed a box of hot pizza and ate dinner in the car while we took a leisurely drive in search of some pretty scenery. We drove high up some hills in Paradise (no really, the town) and we found an insane view of the mountains and the setting sun, fully equipped with a gorgeous massive buck meandering slowly along the hillside all by himself.

The thing is, there has been a lot of struggle and pain and hate in the world lately and especially in light of the Paris tragedies, I'm constantly reminded that none of us are promised tomorrow. I'm remembering to love a little more and let the petty things go, while trying my hardest to make the most of everyday. It's not always easy, mind you. But then I sit down here at my computer and I look through the pictures I have captured. I smile at the memories I have made, and I just kind of wallow in how thankful I am for all of the wonderful godsends I have in my life.

Happy Monday friends. Get out there and get you some!


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