Really, I'm not nor have I ever been a fan of celebrating Christmas the second Halloween ends. Mostly because if I listen to Christmas music or have a Christmas tree up that long, I would be barfing about it by the time Christmas actually came. For me, the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas is the perfect amount of time to listen to and see Christmas nonstop! No less, no more.


I do think that somewhat, in some ways, Christmas and Thanksgiving can go hand in hand. THE HOLIDAYS. I think you could offend Thanksgiving if you gave Christmas too much attention while also, if they share the amount of attention, they are probably both just very good friends.

Like the fact that while we don't have any Christmas decorations up at our house, we have been playing Christmas movies pretty consistently since Halloween ended. My boys are currently obsessed with Mickey's magical Christmas and Elf, two realllllllyyyyy fabulous Christmas movies, if I do say so myself!

Along with 99.9 percent of the population I do love the holidays. This time of year is insanely romantic and lovely in all of the right ways! Like this morning, on my daily walk with Rockie, when it started SNOWING on us. Tiny snowflakes falling from the gray sky, sticking to my eyelashes and my leggings, bouncing off my slick coat and sorels. I smiled and stuck out my tongue to catch the goodness. SNOW! I felt my heart grow two sizes while we walked the rest of the way home in the soft snowfall. Snow is lovely when it's only November and when you know it's not going to stick yet.

We played so dang hard this summer that I actually find myself embracing the slow-down that comes when the sun sets at 6:00. While come February I will be PULLING MY HAIR OUT because of it, right now I have been loving the leisurely evenings at home with all of my boys, whipping up hot chocolate, watching movies, bingeing on netflix tv shows. For the moment I find it all very refreshing! I wonder if that's the secret: play really freaking hard, all spring and summer and fall, and then when winter comes you feel good about going into hibernation! You finally get to relax a little bit and prepare yourself to start playing hard again come spring. And I tell you, after Halloween I feel that I really am embracing my inner bear and significantly increasing my body fat in preparation for hibernation. October was the month of overeating! Too much food! Too much sugar! So I started a November sugar cleanse that will only last until they break out the pies at Thanksgiving. Today is Day five of my cleanse, and other than a momentary lapse last night with a small cup of hot cocoa and some mini marshmallows, I'm feeling pretty dang good!


The Holidays. November. It's all very exciting and we are really loving it around here! Jace has lots of plans for us this weekend, as always. He woke this morning and the first thing he did was to spout off a list of all the fun things he wants to do this weekend. He is definitely our boy!

I hope you have a great weekend friends. Happy Friday! Get out there and get you some!


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