Our Camp Life - The Spring Break Edition

Over Easter weekend / Spring Break we kicked off camping season in the desert with some good friends. We camped by Lake Mead close to Valley of Fire State Park, which was gorgeous. When it comes to camping I am typically a pine trees and mountains kind of girl, but those red rocks are perfection for winter and spring camping! It was just warm enough for shorts and sandals, while back home it was snowing buckets on our valley. I will TAKE IT.

Everything is better when I am out there in the thick of these kinds of adventures. Life feels lighter. Long road trips, being in great company, laughing until my side aches, sleeping in a tent, spending late evenings around a campfire, breathing the air in a place I have never been to before. These are the moments and memories made that make me think it's all I really need. More of this.

Listen, I hope you came here for exactly one billion pictures of our road trip, because that's what you are getting!

TGIF friends! Get out there and get you some!