I realize it's cliche to start a blog just after getting married...I have wanted to start one for a long time now, I just haven't put forth the effort! So here I go, just over two weeks after getting married...YAY for cliche!

Life as a newlywed couple is so great, ten times better than being engaged! (Which I actually HATED by the way! Note to self-if you ever go back in time, do a 2 month engagement and get it over with!) Living together is absolutely fabulous! After two years of dating, it is so great not to have to drive home every stinkin night. All my things are still in boxes in the office, because my biggest priority has been getting the downstairs decorated and presentable. Dan's first to-do was to mount our new 52" flat screen tv in the living room. In fact, that's all he cared about doing! Now that it's there, he is content. I, on the other hand, have a lot more to do! Luckily I love to do it. Decorating = LOVE! Money for decorating = No bueno. I have expensive taste and due to our recent wedding/honeymoon/new bedroom furniture/new living room furniture and soon to be $500 surgery for our baby Rockie, that expensive taste is just out of the question for the time being. I also don't have patience, and I want what I want right when I want it! (Dan is helping me to calm down a little, since he's 100 times better with finances...) But the condo is coming along, and at least downstairs is starting to look like home!

I'm excited to enter the blogging world now, posting pictures and finding new cute things to add...I will try to update often! (Let's be honest, I'm obsessed with this kind of stuff. I will be on here at least once a day!) For now, I need to finish laundry and get my butt to bed-lack of sleep is catching up to me today! GOODNight!!


  1. Yay! I love blogs too! Welcome to the club.

  2. Holy smokes now we can be blogging friends too, this is wonderful news!!

  3. Meg, i sure miss ya. good to at least see you and your recent pictures on a blog. :)love ya girl

  4. cute meg. I loved your reception--Amber did so great! I got to your line just as you guys were cutting the cake and then Amber and I started chatting, but you looked GORGEOUS and it was so much fun. Here's a blog tidbit that it took me forever to learn--if you use picasa you can make picture collages, and then upload a lot more on the blog. :) Love you girl!