♥ HOME sweet HOME ♥


Dan and I are currently living in a condo that Dan bought some years ago. It's a super cute home, I love it! And I'm lucky that my husband has good taste! Dan did hardwood and cement floors, all new crown molding, and painted it all himself.

This is our living room right now. I have a window scarf on backorder and little this or thats to add, but for the time being this is just living within our means. As soon as we're a little more caught up on recent spendings (and as soon as Dan will let me) I've got big ideas to come! Right now we have light grey walls with dark brown leather couches and bright red accents.

Soon (cross your fingers) we will paint the living room two walls a light creamy color and two accent walls a candy apple red. Then, my favorite part (dun, dun, dun)...I'll be adding white accents along with the red and dark brown. I'm so excited for this because I LOVE white, it's my new favorite accent color! It's so CLASSY, it can go with any color, light or dark. In my case, with the dark colors, it will make everything pop in an elegant way! I also love the antique-y look of white wall decor and tables, so that will be fun. White is a little more pricey to decorate with, but that's a price I'm willing to pay! (I hope Dan isn't reading this...) These are just a few things I'm holding out for:

{SIGH} Patience Meg. Patience.

At the moment our focus is getting our bedroom done. The bedroom is going to be pale blue with yellow accents, and if we can just get it painted I will have yet another decorating project, woo hoo! The bad news? I. Hate. Painting. For example, I decided we should paint the half bath downstairs. We picked out some colors, and I was so excited!! ...until we started painting. Then I lost all motivation, as I dripped mustard yellow paint on the floor and carelessly brushed wet paint on the doorknobs. My husband was not a happy camper with that project! That bathroom sat half painted and taped for a good few weeks before Dan couldn't take it anymore and finished it up. (Then I could decorate it, and I was happy yet again.) I hate painting, but I love the results!

He did a great job though, I couldn't have painted it that well! :)

SO basically to sum it all up, we'll be finishing our current projects and saving some money this summer. For now all I can do is keep window shopping and adding to my wishlist, and I'm hoping this fall will bring me a stylish pottery barn living room!


  1. I'm loving the yellow!!! So cute!!!

  2. Hey Meghan!
    I'm glad you told me about your blog. I love the blogging world! I also think your living room and bathrooms are awesome! I didn't know you had such a talent for decorating. I love to decorate too, but I also lack the funds. Boo, hoo!