Lucky mama

Every now and then my little wiggle worm will get tired. And in those moments, if we're very sneaky about it, we can trick him into sitting still and cuddling with us.

But then there are those rare, in fact almost non-existent moments when I am laying on the couch watching Dancing with the Stars, and little guy stops playing with his trucks to come over to the couch, crawl up on my lap and lay down with me.

In which my heart swells as I'm overcome with love and happiness, while he lays his little head on my shoulder and becomes content with just letting me hold him.

It doesn't get much better than that.

Then daddy sneaks off to grab his camera, and when he tries to take a picture little guy's "the camera is out, quick move!" senses come on and he has to pose and smile and wiggle a little.

This sweet little boy of mine...

I can't get enough I tell ya.

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