Why I love mornings...


Sometimes Jace wakes up earlier than usual, talking and laughing in his crib. So I get him out of bed with his smiles and giggles, put him in the jogging stroller, put the leash on Rockie and we go on a nice morning run. It's perfectly cool outside, sprinklers are on in the passing yards and the sun is just starting to come out. When we get home, Jace runs around the house pushing his bus while I make a good breakfast of eggs and toast for us all. We eat our breakfast while watching Good Morning America. Then daddy snuggles in bed with little guy and they read books while I get ready for the day.

These are the times when I remember why I love mornings so much.

Although those eggs and toast actually being chocolate covered waffles would have been the only thing that could have made the morning even better...
I'll remember that next time.

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