Adventures in Wyoming

More camping!

Big surprise right? It's true, we have been camping quite a bit this summer. Last weekend we headed up to Wyoming with my family and camped in Alpine. We met up with my moms brother and his family who live in Star Valley Ranch. Rockie was a big hit with the kids! My little cousins Kylee and Abby spent the weekend fighting over who got to hold her leash and chasing her around with a stick in her mouth. Rockie just LOVED it!

Saturday we went river rafting on the snake river, which was a total blast! Big Kahuna was huge this year! We went on a smaller raft, with five of my family and two strangers plus the river guide. One of the others on the raft was a nice fellow who happened to have a water proof digital camera. He snapped plenty of pictures, and we left him with our e-mail address but we haven't recieved the pictures yet. If we ever get them, I will post some!

We camped right by Pallisades lake, Rockie loved it! She swam a lot and ran around in the muggy bog chasing rocks that Dan kept throwing in the river. The grass was much taller than she is, so often times we would watch her from the beachy area and see her tiny head bouncing up and down as she pranced around in the mud.

Saturday night we went to a 24th of July celebration in Freedom, Wyoming. You've never heard of Freedom Wyoming? Yeah, I hadn't either! It was a blast, we had homemade rootbeer and home cooked pulled pork with yummy desserts. After dinner they had a plane flying over the field dropping candy for all the kids. I feared for my life a little bit as a stompede of kids wearing yellow plastic hard hats would run over the field to wherever the plane was flying, knocking down whatever was in their way! We laughed so hard, we had never seen this tradition before. It was so fun to watch!

As we waited for dusk and fireworks to come, we got bored and started doing funny faces with the camera. I was laughing so hard I built up some abs!

SO funny! As soon as the sun went down it was FREEZING cold, I felt like we had stepped into winter! So little Rockie crawled right into Dan's hoodie to warm up. That's how we got these pictures:

Poor Rockie, the humiliation we put her through just for a few pictures! Everyone around us was laughing. Luckily she loves the attention!

The fireworks show was great, and the rest of the weekend was spent eating awesome dutch oven, swimming at the lake, mountain biking, playing some games and chatting around the campfire. It was a great weekend camping!

We've had such a fantastic summer so far, with lots of camping and boating and biking. We need to get out and do some rock climbing, we've been slacking on that. In August we will be spending a few days in Lake Powell, which is exciting for me because I've never been there before! Can't wait!

And now as I write this it's the beginning of another weekend. We have plans of boating, painting, date night with Jenny and Mike, and dinner at the cabin. {I'm hoping to squeeze in cleaning out the office in there somewhere.}

Love the weekends, LOVE my hubby, love my family, lovin' life!!!

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