Baby belly!

Well I finally got a picture snapped of my baby belly at 17 weeks. As you can tell, it's SO awkward for me to have pictures taken of me just standing there and smiling! So I never can get a great one, but oh well.

I have to say, I'm a little more vain then I thought I was...gaining weight has been hard on me! I'm so happy to have the miracle of this little baby growing inside of me, and I've been very consious of eating healthy and doing everything I need to for this baby. Because of that, I find myself okay with the numbers on the scale going up because I know it means good things for baby. But looking in the mirror at this stomach and love handles that pop out and hang over my pants, that has been hard. All my pants are a little snug now, I've already resorted to keeping my jeans unbuttoned and use a ponytail holder to keep them together! I've been totally putting off even looking at maternity pants (although I've bought a few maternity shirts, I'm okay with that) but I think I need to give in and just try some on. I think that will make me feel better, or at least that's what I hear from all you awesome mamas that have been so nice in giving me advice!

Luckily for me, I have an amazing husband who is handling my complaining surprisingly well. He honestly thinks this baby bump is so cute, he loves it. And that makes me feel so much better! He is always telling me how beautiful I am, and even though I constantly complain about how fat I feel, his daily compliments do more for me then he even knows. Especially because I can tell that he honestly thinks it! He is so great, I just love this guy!

We find out a week from Monday the sex of the baby, I'm so stoked. I'm trying not to think about it too much, because then time goes by faster. This past month or so I've continually had the "impression" that I have a little girl inside of me. The baby is sitting really low and has been really calm so far, doesn't move and kick a lot. Plus I was so sick at the beginning of pregnancy, it was very tempermental...don't those things sound like a GIRL? And I find myself often slipping and saying "she" when I talk about baby. I have no idea if that's a sign or not, but those are just some of the reasons that I've been thinking it's a girl. Dan has thought BOY from the beginning, but so did I at first and things changed recently! We will be so happy and not surprised either way, I just can't wait to find out!

Changing subjects, and making this blog post all too long...I have been on a health kick lately. I've always been a pretty healthy eater, thanks to my mom and growing up with healthy eating in our home. But a few weeks ago Dan and I watched a documentary called Food, Inc. I was amazed and completly disgusted at how unaware I was/am of where the food I eat really comes from! Seriously, watching that documentary changed me. Since then I have been reading like crazy about corn products and meats and fruits and nutrition, and I've learned so much! It's not about dieting or not eating sugar and drinking sodas, it's about what is happening to the chicken, cows, and other animals we are eating whether it's from McDonalds or from the frozen food isle at the grocery store. It's about the farmers and the companies that control the food industry. It's about the fruit and vegatable that are grown (where?!) and sold by the same companies in all the stores.

It's hard because 1. When you are married, with a kid on the way and both working full time jobs, it is so convenient to have Wendys and Mac n' Cheese, etc. and 2. Eating healthy is often associated with the thought of spending more money. I've been working on how Dan and I can eat healthy without the high spending...buying bulk, find substitutes for certain meats, getting the full nutrition that we need but just don't get with all this pre-packaged junk we eat! It's a lot of work, but that's all it is. Putting in the effort and time to find ways to spend less and get more, while being aware of what we are eating (locally grown veggies and fruits, hello?!) that's what it seems to be all about so far.

I'm no expert...YET. But trust me, I will be. This is something that I feel strongly about, and even though that probably bored you and you (yes, YOU) probably skipped through the last three paragraphs, I'm so excited about getting control of my food and watching it turn me into a healthier person! I will keep updated on how that's going. First step will be: Buying organic milk/cheese/yogurt from Yeo Valley (if I can figure out where it's sold) and substituting beans for red meats. (Some red meats...if it was me alone, it could be all. But I wouldn't do that to Dan!)
Well there you go, baby bump and healthy food. Life is fabulous, we are so blessed and things are going so well. I love Dan, I love baby, I love my family and Dan's family and our life! To end this post, here are some pictures of our fun Fall so far. I've been a huge slacker at taking pictures lately, so I'll work on that. MUCH more fun to come between now and Halloween!

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  1. You Look so beautiful Meghan! I think your bump is so cute. My favorite prego pants are from Motherhood Maternity, they have a thin stretch top called the Secret Fit Belly. I am so excited to here what you guys get to have soon! :)