Here comes the snow!

I am not the least bit surprised that it snowed this week. I've lived in Cache Valley practically my whole life, so when it comes to the weather almost nothing surprises me anymore! I do hate winter, but usually I can handle it up through December. It's after Christmas when winter drags on and takes over Spring, that's what I can't handle! I wonder if this year will be different with baby on the way...

We are currently in need of a filter for our furnace, so we haven't turned our heater on yet. This hasn't been a problem until this week when the temperature dropped and it snowed! Last night was freezing in our house! Dan and I felt like we were camping as we got into bed with sweats, hoodies, and socks on. We put an extra quilt over our comforter and cuddled while listening to the sounds of rain on Dan's new snazzy alarm clock. And while it was actually a fun night with my hubby, "camping" in the cold, we will be getting a filter today and turning on the heater! Sad day.

Snow or no snow, I'm excited for Halloween this weekend! I've heard a lot of people complain about Halloween this year, and it surprises me! Maybe one day I won't like it so much, but so far in my life I just love it. I love dressing up, all the candy and parties, scary movies and haunted houses, carving pumpkins...what's not to love? And next year I will have a little one to dress up with us, how fun will that be?!

5 days and counting until we find out boy or girl. I'm so excited to start shopping and planning! I was thinking the other day about how crazy life is, not at all what we plan. Initially when Dan and I found out we were having this baby, we were shocked and scared and not ready at all! I had so many fun newlywed plans for Dan and I this year. I remember feeling incredibly guilty that I was crying sad tears when I found out, not happy ones. I was thinking that's just not how it should be, it should be planned and prepared for and a super happy exciting moment! It was a very rough and emotional first couple weeks. But here we are, almost 5 months into the pregnancy and we are both so excited to have this baby! Of course we're still scared and I still feel like I'm completly unprepared to be a mom. But already I can see the blessing this baby is in our lives. I'm already in love with it and scared to death of anything bad happening. I'm so excited that we are starting our family! Even if it wasn't in the timing we chose. And even though we still have moments of feeling like we're not ready for this, we're mostly just so excited for this adventure!

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