It's a...


Yep, there is no doubt! It is so nice to know what we're having now, I've been so anxious to find out! Dan knew all along. He even had a banner that he surprised me with when we got home from the ultrasound that says "It's a boy!", which we hung up in our living room. We're so psyched! A little boy is great because we will have an older brother for all the other kids.

The ultrasound was so crazy. I know I'm really new at all this mother stuff, but I just had no idea how big my baby is already, or how he's all developed and the rest of the pregnancy is just for further development. He has everything but his lungs, which blew me away when I heard that! Watching him move around was so fun, he kept crossing his legs and putting his hands over his face. It was an amazing experience!

Here's our baby boy:

I didn't post any "boy part" pictures because it seems weird to post those. But I'll tell you, the tech gave Dan a "Way to go dad!" when we saw them! He's most definitely a boy!

This Sunday I will be exactly halfway through the pregnancy. Baby went from being really chill to moving around all the time this past week. I even wake up to him kicking and moving around sometimes. (because I fall asleep and end up on my stomach, which I think he doesn't like...) Even as I'm sitting here typing this post, baby is just dancing around like crazy. It's fun because I was so worried when I didn't feel him for so long, and now I feel him all the time! I'm definitely at the "easy" stage of pregnancy now. {Although I wouldn't call it "easy", but I'd say "easIER"...} I haven't thrown up in at least a month now. I can eat almost anything, it's still just meat that is iffy. I've already gained 11 pounds, and my baby bump is sticking out enough that it doesn't just look like a little fat roll anymore, most everyone can tell that I'm actually pregnant! I've got my energy back, which is fantastic! I really missed that. I've been working out consistently and cleaning the house, two things I was trying to do but failing at a lot of the time. I still sleep a lot, but even pre-pregnancy I'm the kind of person that needs a good 8 hours of sleep every night and doesn't function well after midnight, so that's nothing new...

So here comes the fun stuff...getting the nursery ready, including filling up any spaces and drawers with clothes and other necessities! My first shop stop: JJ Coles Warehouse sale this weekend. Let the fun begin!


  1. Congratulation Dan and Meg, thats way cool. It'll be fun to see how well the little guy picks up CoD. I bet he'l be an amazing gamer....

  2. Obviously you can't name a boy 'Missy' so back to square one for my name recommendation. stay tuned.