Recent Events

Dan felt baby kick finally. For the past month baby has been so active, he just moves around and kicks me all the time! But whenever Dan has tried to feel him kicking, he just stops...almost like Dan's hand has the power to calm him. But that changed the other night while we were watching a movie. Baby went crazy kicking, and this time when Dan put his hand on my stomach he kept kicking! It was fun. I still never get tired of feeling him moving around, it's so awesome to me. {Even when he wakes me up in the middle of the night, which is happening more and more!} We have us an active little boy!

Here I am at 21 weeks:

Dan and I recently purchased USU season basketball tickets. I am super stoked about this, because I hate winter and having fun things to get me through is a must. USU basketball is perfect to help get through a dreary, cold, snowy winter in Logan! And I think about how fun it will be next year when we dress up baby boy Croft in Aggie blue apparel and bring him to the games with us. He's going to love USU sports!

Work, work, work. Work has been crazy busy lately for both Dan and I, but especially for Dan. This time of year with the Holidays is his busiest time, and with the added stress of doing all PC jobs on top of home theatre, it has been pretty hectic for him. And it's only going to get worse until after Christmas! For me work gets busy this time of year because everyone needs to get into the doctor and have surgery before their insurance rolls over. Somedays I don't mind, but somedays (more and more) I lose all patience with {stupid} people! I blame pregnancy hormones. (*wink) But I love my job and I'm so grateful that both Dan and I have such great, well paying jobs right now. We are very lucky.

Hopefully things settle down after Christmas, because come January we have a lot to do! We'll be painting our bedroom first. (That was supposed to be done months ago. Have you ever notice the master bedroom is the last thing to get done in the house?!) After our bedroom is finally painted, we will be painting the nursery. Have I ever mentioned that I hate painting? Well, I do. I love the result, but hate actually doing it. And Dan is such a crazy perfectionist that there will be no slacking. BUT I'm excited to get it done, and January is so crappy that it actually makes it a perfect month to paint!

Doing a baby nursery is fun, by the way. Ironically, the colors of my baby's nursery are going to be the same as my wedding colors. Weird... And I swear I did not plan that! In fact, I didn't even realize it until Dan pointed it out. Green with black and white, with a Damask design. I found a bedding set that I'm in love with. (I haven't talked Dan into getting it yet, it actually costs more then our comforter set did...and we have a King sized bed! RI-dang-DICULOUS!) This is the bedding set:

Isn't it perfect?! I just love Damask. I decided against any bedding that had the green with it, because then I would have to use that shade to match everything else. So just plain black and white looks boring, but once I add in the painted room and all the green decor, it will be perfect! (I hope.) But don't worry, I tend to change my mind all the time and I might fall in love with a different bedding set before baby just never know with me!

One last {boring} thing: I started a Health Blog. If anything, this is motivating for ME. You should check it out!

{And speaking of healthy living (or lack of...) if I don't go grocery shopping soon I'm going to kill someone. That sounds harsh, but A. I'm pregnant and 2. I'm so sick of starch, starch, starch! All we ever have lately is pasta and potatoes. Come Saturday I'm going to buy the whole grocery store!!!}


  1. Haha, your blog cracks me up! I'll be sure to go grocery shopping early Saturday morning, thanks for the warning.

  2. Meg, just find a talented friend, buy the fabric, and have someone make you the set. WAY cheaper. Love the design!! :)