Tis the Season

I love the Holidays! Thanksgiving was awesome. Everything I expected and more! The weekend before Thanksgiving was our celebration with my family. We met up at the Worldmark condos in Bear Lake and spent the weekend eating a fabulous feast, playing games, swimming and hanging out. Then for Thanksgiving day we spent it with Dan's family, plus a little homemade pie break at my dads. Mmmm delicious!! All the amazing food made me forget about the freezing temperatures. Who cares about that when you have a heated house full of family and turkey?!

Yesterday I had another doctors appointment, and when I stepped on the scale I almost died. I did such a good job this year of not over-eating at Thanksgiving, not too mention that I still go to spinning classes and I generally eat pretty darn healthy. So when the scale told me I've gained SEVENTEEN pounds so far, I couldn't believe it! I am almost 6 months along, and I've already gained 17 pounds?! Yikes! Well I guess I'm okay with it because my baby boy is healthy, that's all that matters. He's always moving and kicking, what an active little boy I have! I love it!

I'm getting to the "can't ever get comfortable" stage of the pregnancy. Sitting through a movie is a challenge now, I'm always squirming and moving and trying to be comfortable. And bending over to put on my shoes is starting to get difficult! What a bad time for boots, flip flops would be perfect when you're pregnant! But that's the worst of it right now, so compared to the beginning of the pregnancy it's a breeze!

Now we're just getting ready for Christmas. We knocked out the majority of our Christmas shopping this weekenend, and even wrapped about half of the presents already! We put up our Christmas lights outside and I finished all the Christmas decorating inside. Listening to Christmas music has made all the storms and snow so much more bearable for me. And don't judge us, but we decided not to get a Christmas tree this year. It's our last Christmas without any kids, and the hassle of getting a tree and all that comes with it didn't seem worth it this year. Our plan is to get a nice, fake, pre-lit tree on a 75% off sale after Christmas, so starting next year it won't be so much work!

We recently (before all the snow hit) had pictures taken in the fall leaves. I'll post those soon, along with a 24 week picture!


  1. Megs, it is so fun to check in on your pregnancy. I'm glad you keep up such a fun and cute blog! You have got to relax about the weight gain though. Didn't your Dr. explain that that is exactly where you should be right now?

  2. She (my Dr.) said that I jumped a little higher then average this appointment, and that from here on out I should gain a pound a week. Which is hard to control! I know I really need to relax about it. I'm doing better as I go, as long as I stay off the scale I FEEL fine. How are you feeling, have you been sick??