24 weeks


I know I say this too much, but I hate seeing pictures of me! I feel good about myself when I look in the mirror, but a picture makes me look terrible!!! What is the deal?! Ugh.

I realized something the other day: I haven't had any real food cravings yet. Is that weird? I've done a pretty good job of eating carefully and healthily during this pregnancy, until this month. Now there is always Holiday candy and cookies around and I'm finding it harder and harder to resist!

A new event, I SAW baby moving! It was one of the coolest, yet STRANGEST things I've experienced so far in my life. I'm still wrapping my head around the fact that there is a baby growing inside of me, and seeing him move around is so crazy! Sleeping has been much more difficult as of the past few days. Not only because my little guy kicks me all night long, but now my hips and shoulders ache, and I find myself needing to roll over every hour or so.

Last month Dan's sister Kim came up to visit and took some pictures for us. The leaves were perfect and we found a few places that were beautiful for pictures. Kim did a fabulous job!

it's sort of sad to see the beautiful fall leaves in the pictures, I miss them a little. The snow hit hard and fast this year, we didn't slowly work into it at all. I hate cold and snow, but so far for some reason I've actually been handling it well. Maybe it's the Christmas spirit! We were worried about how Rockie would handle the snow, since she can sometimes be a little princess. We got her in April last year, so she never really experienced snow. But to our surprise, when the blizzard hit she was loving it! She leaps around like a deer in snow taller then she is, burrowing her head in and popping back out. It's the cutest thing ever, I just sit and laugh while watching her play. She is the cutest dog, I can't even handle it!

I can't believe Christmas is 3 weeks away. I'm seriously loving the Holidays this year, even more then usual! Maybe it's because my life with Dan and our little babe-in-the-tummy is so perfect right now. I seriously love my life! I don't want Christmas to come too fast because I'm loving the season so much right now, but I'm also very anxious for January to come and the painting to begin.

Speaking of painting, here is a sneak peak of baby's crib and changing table (which are not here yet...)

I can't wait for them to come! All this nursery talk sort of makes my life sound boring huh? Well don't worry, it's not...it's FANTASTIC!!! :)

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