Happy New Year!

Christmas is over, so sad. I always hate taking down Christmas decorations. That was one good thing about not having a tree this year, one less thing to take down! I DID, however, find an awesome after Christmas deal on a 7 1/2 foot pre-lit Christmas tree. Regularly $270, I got it for $65! So next year we're all set!

We had a great Christmas and New Years this year (minus the flu bug we caught), but sadly I didn't take many pictures. I go through phases where I'm motivated and take pictures all the time, but for some reason I am not motivated to take any lately. I'll work on that...

Starting on Christmas night Dan wasn't feeling too hot, and unfortunately it turned into the full blown flu. That flu is NASTY stuff! Poor Dan is just now starting to get over it. I got hit with what started as the same symptoms last week, and I was sure I was getting the flu too. I started getting a fever with body aches and chills, and a nasty cough to boot. Being pregnant it's much more scary and a lot more frustrating to get something so nasty. Luckily I broke my fever that night with good ol' homemade remedies and what we though would be a nasty flu bug like Dan's turned into a nasty head cold and cough. It hasn't been fun, but I'm thankful I didn't get what Dan had! We're both over the worst of it now, pheww.

We definitely got spoiled this Christmas, it was fun. My big surprise present was this:

A new dresser! We already had the one that matched our bed set, but we have been waiting to be able to afford the pricey #2 dresser. I just assumed we would never end up getting it by now. I had no idea that Dan had planned on giving it to me for Christmas! It was a great surprise. {And this picture will look even better in a couple weeks, when the bedroom is painted!}

Dan's big present: (that were not surprises, because I have the most impossible-to-buy-for-and-surprise husband in the world...)

On top of these, we got lots of other things. New CD's, headphones, clothes, jewelry, boots, accessories for guns and a gun safe, scentsy stuff, pajama pants, a balance band, weights, a cute green kettle, LOTS of baby boy clothes...just lots of stuff! It was a good Christmas this year! And Rockie got spoiled as well. We even had a tiny little stocking for her with a dog bone in it. She got so many dog toys she didn't know which one to play with! We let her open her own presents, it was fun. I should have gotten a video of it, hilarious!

I have so many things I love for our baby boy, so I took just a picture of a couple favorites right now. Check out these cute onesies that Dan gave me for Christmas:

If you can't read it, that one on top says "Handsome like Daddy". Awwwww.

And this Columbia coat some good friends gave us is ADORABLE!

And a little Christmas present to myself...

I just can't believe we're going to have something that fits into these...doll clothes! They're so little, I love it! I know it's probably super lame that I even post pictures like this, but I can't help it! They are SO CUTE!!! At least I didn't take pictures of everything we have, that would be a long boring blog post... ;)

I know I need to post a 28 week picture, but like I said, I haven't been taking many pictures lately. So here is one from Christmas day, first thing in the morning with no make up and not the greatest shot. 28 weeks:

I'll post a better one soon!

And now we are on to the New Year. 2011 will be great, I just know it! I'm excited for upcoming projects and resolutions, starting NOW! And we're very excited for 3 more months until baby boy Croft joins the family!!!

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