I've never been good at New Year's resolutions. When I say that I don't mean that I've never been good at keeping them, I mean I've never been good at making them! So this year, 2011, I will make (and KEEP) some good ol' New Year's resolutions.


Cut back on SODA POP. This year I will only drink carbonated beverages when I'm out to eat. I know I should cut them out all together, which I've done before, but soda is my weakness and even this would be a huge improvement for me! In 2011 I will only drink soda on special occasions when we are out to eat.

Write in my journal. I've always been really great at writing in a journal...until I started dating Dan. Since we started dating 2 1/2 years ago I have only written 4 journal entries. I started slacking because I was flustered and in love and spent all my time with Dan, and then it just got easier and easier to let it go. In 2011 I will write in my journal once a week. I know I can do that!

Strength training. I love the gym and I workout regularly, but I need to work on my strength training. I do lots of cardio but I always slack at toning and lifting weights. I've read lots of statistics and articles about the benefits of weight training for women, and I need to get with it! So in 2011 I will, on top of my regular cardio workouts, lift weights or do some sort of strength training 3 times a week.

Cooking. I am not a cook, I never have been and I worry that I never will be! There are under 10 dinner dishes that I can make. And because Dan doesn't cook either, I need to get out of my element and try new things so that we don't end up living on pastas and potatoes forever! In 2011, I will try cooking something new with Dan once a week.

Pilates/Yoga. Obviously I can't do much with these for another (LESS than) 3 months until my little guy arrives, but starting then: In 2011, I will do Pilates or Yoga 4 mornings a week. I love how I feel throughout the day when I add this into my schedule, but it's easy to slack sometimes since I do these at home. No slacking this year! This will help with my eventual goal to become a Pilates instructor someday, maybe that will be in next years resolutions!

Money. This is the goal I fear I will fail at. I'm terrible with spending, and I'm terrible with budgeting! I've never ever been able to budget. Dan is very good with money so he is the finance man in our house, he pays all the bills and budgets our account every month. We will have a baby here soon, and I will be working only 2 days a week so our funds will be cut back quite a bit. I need to work on my spending habits! In 2011, I will help Dan and be more involved in the budgeting. I will cut down on spending and work on saving this year!

I have TONS of things to work on, those are just a few of the many goals I have that I hope to help make me a better person this upcoming year.

Patience. Pray more. Be optimistic. Serve others. and on and on and on and on...

I have high hopes for 2011. I look back at the last couple New Years I spent with Dan and how many suprises we have had that I never would have expected. 2010 was such a good year, and so many things happened! Getting married and going through pregnancy all in the same year has been quite the adventure and adjustment. I love my life with Dan and I'm so excited for another year! Bring it on!!!

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