Our little winter getaway.

We spent this past weekend in Bear Lake with the Crofts, staying at a friends cabin. It was a blast! It was my first swimming experience while pregnant. I loved being in the pool, it felt great! Not being able to get in the hot tub was discouraging, but I made the most of it by bundling up in my coat and beanie and dipping my feet in. We played lots of games, ate lots of food, watched lots of movies and had lots of laughs. (I did not take lots of pictures, but at least I took some...) Oh, and my brother in law got engaged to the cutest girl! I'm so happy for them! Let the wedding plans begin!

Here's Roger and Colleen right after they got ENGAGED! Diggin the blue snowpants right? So cool.

It was a way fun and relaxing weekend, I was sad to come home! It was so nice to have a getaway in the dreary cold January. I love the weekends. I'm soooo looking forward to warmer weather when we can get out more for rock climbing, camping, swimming and all the fun stuff! Just a few more months, I can make it right?! Right.

And here is a picture I snapped the other night, Rockie loves to sleep on Dan:

Awww I love them. :)

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