One Month


It's been over a month now since Jace joined our family. He is the sweetest, cutest little guy! We love him like crazy. Recently:

He started smiling and we even get a little laugh here and there. He is happiest in the mornings.

Hardly ever do we hear him cry. The only time he really cries is when I get him out of the bath tub and put lotion on him, he hates being cold! But instead of crying when he gets frustrated he grunts and groans. The more frustrated he gets, the louder he grunts! He is a very loud baby, always making some sort of sound. Whether it be grunting or squeaking, he is very vocal!

For the most part now he sleeps from 11 to 6 with one feeding at 3. This has been really hard on me, the lack of sleep. I've always been one to get at least 8 hours of sleep a night in order to function properly, so it's been a huge adjustment! I can't wait until he sleeps straight through the night, that will be fabulous.

He is still having painful gas, which has been difficult. He will push and grunt and I can tell it's so painful for him, but there isn't much I can do! We switched him to gentle formula, I give him Milocan drops and even use the qtip here and there. I hope that part gets better soon, poor little guy!

Rockie is getting used to the change now. She's become a very independent dog, running around and playing with her toys by herself while I attend to Jace most all of the day. She's learned when I say "Where is Jace??" to run over to wherever he is, it's so cute. She still gets a little jealous sometimes, like when I baby talk to Jace. She'll run right over and stand at my feet wagging her tail as if I was talking to her! She is going to love the kid when he's old enough to start dropping food from the high chair, that's for sure.

Mama started going back to the gym last week, and I'm feeling great! Zumba and spin classes, taking it sort of easy. I sure missed the gym! I find myself frustrated at the baby flab that still hangs over my jeans, but it's teaching me to practice patience which is a lesson I always need to learn. (OH, by the by...2 days before having Jace I got stretch marks. TWO DAYS! Ugh.)

Jace had his first couple games of frisbee golf already this year. He sleeps in his stroller the whole time, but I'm pretty sure he loves it. :)

So basically, life is just grand. Jace is such a treat, it's been a blast so far! I love my little stud. I still have over a month before I have to go back to work, and I'm just soaking up being able to spend so much time with my babes. I have a feeling once I have to go back I'm going to have a total emotional meltdown! I'm absolutely dreading leaving Jace while he is still so little! But you just do what you have to do, right? Right.

Our first family photo (outside of the hospital) was taken on Easter this year:

This is a picture of Jace with his two cousins. Bridger is only 3 weeks older then Jace, but Elizabeth is actually 8 months old! You would never guess it by the size of her, she is the exact same size as little Jace!

Good times!

We have started planning some fun summer activities. We're starting early to get Jace on the boating and rock climbing band wagon...At the end of May we will be boating with my family at Willard Bay, and in June we're planning a little trip to St. George for some hiking and rock climbing. In June when Jace is 3 months old I will get him a little swim suit and take him to the pool, I can't wait for that! We also are booking a cruise for next winter, which I'm stoked about. It will be nice to have a vacation to look forward to!

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  1. A new baby really does change your life, in so many ways! you look great, by the way :)