As of late Dan and I have spent a lot of free time shopping around for a house to buy. This is fun, exciting, and even exhausting sometimes. There have been quite a few that we really like, but we haven't fallen in love just yet.

Even so, I've already spent a lot of time dreaming about new color schemes and looking at decorations for our new home. I'm digging the modern decorations lately.

I fell in love with some couches:

And some awesome modern coffee tables to match:

Along with some-a this and some-a that:

I love coming up with new decorating ideas!

Since we got married Dan and I have been working really hard on paying off credit cards and getting out of debt. I'm awful at budgeting, I always have been. Dan, on the other hand, is amazing at handling the finances. He has been budgeting and working hard at paying things off. He even recently sold his full suspension mountain bike and his canoe, two things that he loved and were very hard to part with.

So knowing this, on top of knowing that I haven't been bringing in any paychecks for the past couple months, I was browsing "just for fun" around town the other day. That's when I happened upon these:

I have to have these for my living room!!! I just added some yellow into the red and brown living room, and these would look just fabulous on the wall. Two reds with a yellow in the middle. Perfect right? I know, that's what I said.

Well there aren't many things I hate more then falling in love with something I want to buy when I can't buy it. So I'm trying to figure out how to earn a little money on the side to buy myself these metal wall hangings. Initially I considered working the streets, but I realized that I could just do something more boring like giving plasma. Three times of giving plasma and I could have these hanging in my living room above our lovely leather couch! I think I'm going to do it. {And I think putting extra side effort into earning money slowly to buy something I want but don't need is a small step towards growing up. Go me!}

Sooooo really, getting the house is just the beginning, shopping for the house is going to break the bank! Dan reminded me that I'm going to have to make a list and slowly buy things one by one, it will be a work in progress. Of course I know that...but I can still dream right??

I'm going to have me one loooonnggg wish list...

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