He can SEW

Guys. I know, I'm blogging on my birthday. Is that pathetic? Well...it's probably pathetic that I have to work on my birthday. And sometimes I blog when I have down time at work. So no, not pathetic, right? Right.

Now I know it's my birthday, but I'm actually blogging about my shuga-shug today. But don't let this fool you into thinking I'm super selfless, because I am not. Believe me. All day yesterday I kept saying to Dan,

"HEY, remember how it's my birthday tomorrow??"

Yeah, he was kinda annoyed. And maybe it didn't help that all day I kept {annoyingly} singing the birthday song to myself.

"Happy BIRTHday tooo MEEEEE!!!"

And I am super selfishly excited for presents! And birthday cake! I looovvee presents and cake, the two best things ev-er.

So see? I'm still pretty selfish.

BUT anyway, on to my lova. This post is...ummm six months or so delayed. I keep forgetting to post it. But here I am, ON MY BIRTHDAY, remembering. Better late then never?!

Here is a secret that I know you're all dying to know: my husband can sew. Is that cool or what? He is super handy to have around. If I need something stitched, I can just ask him! But don't tell him I told you that or he might be embarassed. Or do, whatev.

So here's the story: Dan had saved a furry rhino outline from one of his Ecko brand sweatshirts when he was younger. As soon as he found out we were having a little boy, Dan decided to us the rhino. We went to hobby lobby and Dan picked out some fabric he liked. Then he sewed this lovely little pillow:

The picture doesn't even do it justice. It's perfectly perfect, with lines hemmed in the back and everything! If you know Dan at all, you know he is a crazy perfectionist. I mean really, I've never met someone that's as much a perfecionist as my hubs. It's so bad that sometimes we get in fights because of it. (I know what you're thinking, what?! Dan and Meghan fight?? It's true guys. We do sometimes.) So he used his perfectionist skills to make a perfect pillow for Jace.

How cute right?

I keep the pillow on Jace's changing table. He loves it. I just love my hubs and his awesome skills. So I had to share with all! Go husband, go!

And another thing, this morning Dan surprised me with a new, pink, filtered water bottle. Filtered people. And recycled! They're called "Bobbles", maybe you've heard of them. Perfect for hippies like us!

Jace gave me a birthday present too. This morning, right before putting him in his carseat to leave for daycare, he projectile vomited. Yep, you heard me. All over me, himself, and the kitchen floor. I felt very lucky that it was on the hardwood floor and not the carpet. I swear he looked right at me and (through his eyes) said, Happy Birthday mommy! Aww. Thanks little buddy!

Now back to me-it's my Birthday. And since I picked out all of my presents I know exactly what I'm getting tonight. New jeans, new shoes, new shirts, sugar&spice gift card. While eating a delicious pink steak at Texas Roadhouse. Followed by lots of frosting on my birthday cake.

Does it get any better then this? Getting older isn't so bad. I have a feeling it's going to be a great year!

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