Let me introduce you...

Can I just blog basically everyday? Is that okay with you? What's that, it's fine with you? And you're totally not judging me for it? Ohhh pheww, I feel sooo much better to get that out there.

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I just wanted you to meet these lovely ladies.

Friends, meet my new shoes. New shoes, meet my friends. And I apologize to both my new shoes and my friends that this picture is taken terribly in a closet that didn't have great lighting.

Mi amore gave them to me for my birthday. Well maybe I dragged him to the mall and showed him these shoes that I fell in love with, then stood there while he put them on hold. But when he gave them to me I pretended to be soooo surprised. (I've been practicing my surprise face. I think it needs some improvement.)

And it's possible that when I'm wearing these heels and people stop me on the street to ask me,

"Holy moly, where did you get those gorgeous shoes?!"

I might say, "My husband gave them to me. He picked them out himself!"

They go perfectly with my new jeans. Have I ever mentioned how much I love shopping? Because I do. I really, really love it.

Happy Birthday to meeee!

But seriously, thank you everyone who thought of me on my big day. And thank you to my awesome family for dinner and presents and ice cream. And thank you to my super awesome husband for making sure I felt special and loved, even more than normal. Like telling me it was okay to have Dr. Pepper AND a brownie with lunch. And keeping me calm at dinner when I almost had an anxiety attack because Jace was at the other end of the table and was being a grumpy pants. And for calling me often during the day to say "Happy Birthday, love you babe."
Align Center

Really, my guy put so much effort into making sure I felt loved and special all day that it actually followed him into his sleep. It was the middle of the night when he was in a deep sleep that he startled awake, leaned over and gave me a big squeeze and a sloppy kiss on the cheek, then rolled over and started snoring again. Align Center

Yep, instead of sleep-walking, my husband "sleep-loves"!

I'm a lucky girl.

{I reeeaalllyy hope Dan's guy friends don't read this blog. It would totally ruin his reputation!}


  1. Cute shoes. I love shopping too! I pretty much pick out my presents for my birthday every year. My husband doesn't care, because then he doesn't have to worry about what to get me.

  2. That's fun you and your husband have birthdays around the same time. Party time!