This week

was kind of hectic and didn't all go as planned, but that's how every week turns out lately. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

The past few weeks I've been making it to the gym every morning and pushing myself to go longer and harder then I normally do. Sometimes I go through phases where getting my butt out of bed in the mornings is soooo hard, and I literally have to force myself to get to the gym. But I've hit a phase where I can get up pretty easily and I haven't been sleeping in. I love that, and I hope my motivation stays for a while!

Monday our friend Becky was in town from Cali, so Jeff took the day off and we all five went boating. It was perfect, not only because it was hot and sunny but because we were the only boat on the lake! I tried surfing behind the boat for the first time, and although I was really intimidated at first I found I liked it even better then wakeboarding! So fun. Then when I went wakeboarding I (accidentally) caught some air. It's true, I have proof on camera! When we got home late that afternoon, Dan, me and Jace all fell asleep and took a good 3 hour nap. Who takes a three hour nap on a Monday at 4:00 after boating all day, when it's not even a holiday? We do!

I had big plans this week for a good Wednesday morning run. Summer is ending and I need to take advantage of being able to do things outside. Tuesday night I was going to drive around and find a trail to run. But instead I spent tuesday night at home with my boys and forgot all about it. So Wednesday morning I woke up bright and early and Rockie and I just started running down the street. At first I was really bugged that I forgot to find a trail and not particularly looking forward to my boring run down this boring street. But it turned out to be fabulous. The sun was barely rising and the air was cool with a slight breeze. I passed houses as people were getting up and ready for the day, running past the smells of breakfast being cooked and fresh cut grass. I passed school kids with their backpacks riding bikes around before the bus picked them up. I think the reason I loved my run so much was because it reminded me of the street I used to run on in College, when I lived in a house on 8th east. I used to run that street 5 days a week, before or after work. I have great memories of those days. So even though I got a not-so-awesome side ache right before I made it home, I still found myself smiling at how awesome my "boring" little run turned out. Made my day!

{I clocked my street to find out to the end and back makes a four mile run. Perfect. Hopefully I'll get some more in before the snow comes!}

Another thing I did this week was got a pass to the Hyrum library. I went with a book in mind to check out, and was pretty dissapointed when they didn't have it. But I found another one that I started reading on Wednesday night and I haven't been able to put it down.

I haven't had a library card since I was a kid. Feels pretty good to join the club again!

Thursday morning rolled around, and I realized it's September! Happy Fall! I'm going to miss the days of wearing ponytails and shorts everyday, but I can't complain too much because Fall rocks. My birthday is coming up soon, and I have some super cute boots in mind to put on my birthday list. And a beautiful new home to put up some new fall decorations!

So to celebrate the first day of September, I got my butt kicked at the gym again. That night after work became on of my favorite nights this week. I was looking in the pantry for what I could make for dinner, and I made a split-second guilt free decision due to the fact that: I have put so much effort lately into making new meals and cooking more often, I was tired, and cereal sounded delicious. So I grabbed a box of trix and a gallon of milk and we sat at the table together, no tv in the background, and ate kids cereal for dinner. We talked and laughed and I felt like I was five years old sitting at the breakfast table with my best friend.

After dinner Dan went outside to work on the yard. Mother Nature was obviously aware of the first day of September, because it was suddenly cool and the breeze smelled like fall. So I put on some long jeans and a jacket, wrapped Jace up in his favorite blanket, and sat out on the porch with my new book. I read, Jace laughed and talked to himself in his bouncer next to me, Rockie chased bugs on the sidewalk and Dan raked up rocks around the house all evening. It was perfect.

I know you probably didn't want to hear a play by play of my week, but I just had to share because it was so fantastic. My weeks are usually fantastic lately, I can't believe how lucky I am! And now it's the weekend, just me and my boys for the next 3 days. I can't wait!

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