Inspiration isn't hard to come by in my life. Almost on a daily basis I am inspired by so many people. Inspired to do better, be better, work harder and love more freely.

I am constantly striving to perfect the better version of myself. Always making goals, always pushing myself harder and farther. Which doesn't always work, might I add. Afterall, I am human.

You know what would reeeaallly be nice? If we could make a decision to do something, to be someone, and that was it. Done. Go to the gym 5 days a week? Done. Don't over-indulge in that chocolate? Done. Have more patience, pray everyday, don't have envy, lose my pride...done and done.

If only it were that easy, my friends.

Through the up and down battle of keeping goals and becoming someone I really want to be, I have found a few small things that lead to greater inspiration in my life.

Getting up early. When I can do this, I am always better because of it. A little more time to snuggle with my lova, get in a workout at the gym or some yoga in the living room, eat a healthy breakfast, hang out with my little guy, say my morning prayer and prepare myself for the day.

Show kindness. By making the effort to be kind towards people I am around, I find a large amount of peace. Smiling at a stranger who seems sad, being a listening ear for someone who needs to vent, going out of my way to help someone when it's not convenient for me. Through small acts of kindness, peace and inspiration come easily to me. Especially in a world so cruel.

**Disclaimer-there is a difference between real kind and fake kind. I have been guilty of the latter myself, but that brings no inspiration! Making kindness natural by living it, not just doing it, that is the most inspiring of all. "Your actions speak so loud, that I cannot hear what you say." Truth. **

Music. The perfect music that slows me down and speaks to my heart. Joshua Radin is my number one.

Follow your heart. I have only recently really learned the truth to following my heart. It's hard to drown out the crowd sometimes, but to think for myself and follow what my heart is telling me, that is the greatest inspiration of all. Every single day I try to stay in tune with my heart when it's trying to lead me somewhere, and so far it has yet to lead my astray.

What inspires you?

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