Five things I'm lovin this week.


1 - Fishtail braid. I'm no pro at braiding my own hair, but this is so easy and gaw-geous!

2 - Baby Einstein. Perfect for when Jace is tired, or for when he won't cuddle with me when I want him to. This genius show keeps him entertained for a good straight 20 minutes!

3 - No soda pop! Yes, you heard me right. The first few days were hard, but now I am more energized and I don't feel bloated. Plus I already lost 1 pound! Flat tummy, here I come!

4 - Self pedi and hot pink toenails. This is my way of pretending it's Spring.

5 - The sunny, snow-less days we have had! I sure could get used to this kinda February.

And the things I will be lovin' this weekend: Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden, a long needed date night with some good friends that we don't get to see often enough, and a yummy home cooked meal with mi padre.

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. I don't usually like fish tail braids, but that one is actually really cute! I love all of those things too. :)