Cheese, grapes and goldfish

Dear Jace,

Your daddy is the best. He loves us so much that he got a side job where he works a couple nights a week, on top of working full time. He did it so we can get out of debt, have a nice home, grow a large savings account and plan trips with you to Disneyland.

He sure is good to us, that dad of yours.

On the nights he works, we have to come up with creative ideas of what to do so we don't get bored and lonely at home. So you, me and Rockie pack up the stroller and walk to the park, where we lay out a blanket with some toys and picnic on cheese, grapes and goldfish.

We take pictures and send them to daddy telling him we miss him. We throw the tennis ball for Rockie to fetch, distracting her from trying to steal your food out of your hands. We "ooh" and "ahh" at the airplane that flies overhead.

And then we walk the neighborhood, pointing at trees and mimicking dogs that bark at us from behind their fences.

And all the while I think about how much I love your dad, and how much he sacrifices so that we can have a good life as a happy little family.

We sure are lucky to have him my Jace man.

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  1. That's sweet. And I love the picture of Rockie in Jace's face. Haha. :)