Summer Lovin

I am always dreaming of summer. Even when it's here, I still dream about it. That's how much I love it.

It's true that I live in a hemisphere where Summer generally gets to brighten my life only 2, maybe 3 months of the year. (Why do I live here? I ask myself for 9 months of the year...) I am a summer girl all the way. I love it, I need it, I live for it.

Here are nine of the bazillion reasons I am dreaming of Summer today.

One - My new chevron bikini I just purchased from Old Navy. (Which also scored me an awesome coupon that ensures I will be returning to the store soon to stock up on sundresses and preppy little boy clothes!)

Two - Short shorts! What can I say, I have great legs.

Three - Sundresses. I will be spending my summer in either a swimsuit, shorts, or a sundress.

Four - Flat sandals. I love them for their comfiness, but now days they make them super stylish to boot!

Five - Fairs, rodeos and demolition derbies, oh my!

Six - Snow cones and slushies! Perfect right in the heat of the day. Everyday.

Seven - Less makeup is better. I love wearing little makeup all summer long. (And I only pretend to look as good as this chick. I just avoid the mirror...)

Eight - Ponytails! Ahhh yes, my summer favorite. As soon as the weather hits 80 degrees, you will likely not see me with my hair down again until Fall rolls around.

Nine - Summer nights and weekends spent at the lake. The best.

...only a couple more months, if mother nature decides to be kind to us this year...


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