DIY refashioned jeans

I have a pile of jeans that I never wear. They are cute jeans, but something bothers me about each one in the pile. Too floody, too wide but not wide know, picky stuff like that.
So I decided instead of giving them away and kicking myself one day, which inevitably happens almost every time I give a pair of jeans away, I would make them look the way I want them to.

Like it's that easy.
Well I learned the hard way that it's really not just that easy on the first pair of jeans I tried to bleach. I had high hopes of making them white so I could then color them mint or yellow.
Epic fail.
Tonight, however, I have a happy ending to my newest two projects. (You win some, you lose some.)

#1 - {Seven For All Mankind} I love these jeans. I inherited them from my former roommate who, unfortunately for me, was a bit shorter than I am. So even though these jeans are perfect in every other way, they were just too floody on me. So they sat neglected in my closet, waiting for the day that I would realize what a prize I had. Well my lovelies, that day is today-when I turned them into my new favorite pair of skinny jeans!

#2 - {American Eagle boot-cut jeans} I loved these jeans when I bought them years ago, but not long after that they got stuffed away in my closet, never to be worn again. Well lately I have noticed how "in-style" this frumpy-ish, rolled up jeans look is:


I love it.

While cleaning out my closet, I realized these AE jeans are PERFECT for the "frumpy" rolled up look. They were just slightly too baggy for it. So I took them in the same way I did my first ones, except I didn't do them quite as tight.

And this is only the first two of my pile. Get ready for 7 more pairs of pants that I have big plans of turning into skinnies, shorts, lengthening and even maybe trying to dye another pair.

We'll see how daring I get.
This refashioning thing, I have to say...
I feel an addiction coming on!


Find a pair of skinny jeans you like. Fold both that pair and the soon-to-be's inside out.
Lay the skinny jeans on top of the soon-to-be's.
Using a pen or fabric marker, draw a line down the inside seam.
Pin down the line.
Sew down the line, starting from the crotch line and moving downward.
Cut excess fabric, leaving half an inch.
Fold right side out.
Strut your stuff in your new skinny jeans!


  1. Meg, i so love them!!! you will have to teach me :D

    1. Deal! You, Nicole and I need to get together and sew things. Nicole was saying she wants to try some new projects too. I have some cute t-shirt ones I want to try!

  2. Wow that looks easy! Or maybe you are just good at sewing. Or maybe you are just easy! I mean...but I want to try that. I just got rid of like, 5 old pairs of jeans. WHY??

  3. ive done the same xact thing with my jeans but i stareted when i lost weight i made it to fit and then upgraded to skinny jeans, but i use a slightly different technique firts if i dont have a pair of skinny jeans that fit the way i want to ( like when i did my first one)or when the jeans cut is very diferent from the other ones i put them on inside out and then pulling to the sides i mark where i want it starting from the hip and going down below the knee and from that point i keep the same width to the ancle then sew and when im done i dont cut the excess off i just fold it towards the back of my leg in case another fashion trend comes up i can still unsew and sew again in another style

  4. Love your blog, the re-purposing of jeans is a great idea!