This past year has been full of reaching big milestones with my little guy. As a baby he started rolling over, then he started crawling, then he started saying his first words.They were all so exciting and such a huge deal to us as first time parents.

And although saying "mama" is a very close second, none of them really compare to how I felt when Jace started walking yesterday.

It's been a couple of months coming now. I'm not gonna lie, I have been pretty anxious to have him start walking. One, because all of his other little friends were leaving him in the dust... and two, because carrying 25 pounds around all the time is getting a little exhausting.

So for the past two months he would walk holding onto something. Slowly he got better, until he was walking while just holding onto us with one hand. And then he started taking a step or two by himself, but he would just drop and crawl.

I've been encouraging him to walk on his own, but he's so chill. My little Jack Johnson. I would work with him and make him walk, and he'd do a good job going a few steps. I would hold his little hand and have him walk with me out to the car every morning instead of carrying him. We would walk up and down the sidewalk outside.

But even with all of this, I was completely unprepared for how shocked I would be when I was sitting on the couch just minding my own business, and suddenly J man is walking across the room like it ain't no thing.

Possibly my proudest moment as a mama so far.

I still can't get used to turning around and just seeing him walking somewhere. It's so...weird!

Lots of smiling and clapping and "yaaayyyyy!!!" going on around our house today!

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