Love and long weekends


We spent the weekend in good company eating junk food, playing games, roasting s'mores, watching movies in the hot tub, eating a delicious breakfast buffet, taking naps, and playing at the beach.

Yeah I know, you're jealous.

AND I had a "date night" with my sister to see The Lucky One before we left for the weekend. And at the risk of being judged harshly, I'm just gonna admit that I kind of loved it. Because I love cheesy movies, and I love Zac Effron. (Cougar?)

I've said it before, and I'll say it again...

I love weekends!

And good friends. And hot tubs. And cheesy movies. And my little family.Lots to love around here!


  1. Hah! You're not a cougar because he's only three years younger than you. ;-)