Don't worry, we are alive! My boys spent the weekend miserably sick, and all plans we had fell through so we could sit at home drinking lots of juice and taking lots of naps.

It's been fun.

But here is to hoping we are over the worst! J man is 110% better, which is such a relief. And although Dan woke up feeling like he got hit by a train this morning, he is on his way up *we hope* after resting some more today.

I would post about my amazing immune system, but if I do that I am sure to get my karma. I know, because that has happened to me before. So I'm just hoping it passes by without taking me down!

So sorry for the lack of posts.

Should I probably give you some good uplifting updates to go along with my sad, boring blog post?

♥ I made picture perfect, delicious chocolate chip cookies Sunday night. And I have lots of cookie dough in the fridge to be eaten this week.

♥ Mi madre gave me her jogging stroller until I buy my own, so I finally get to go running outside with little man.

♥ I have come to the realization that my metabolism sped up after having a baby. I thought that might be the case for a while, but after two weeks of not going to the gym ONCE (blah), on top of eating cadbury creme eggs every single day, and still not gaining a pound...I am sure of it.

Annndd, that's all the good news I have for now.

But I'm looking forward to a week of getting a lot done, so the blog should get better!

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