Five Things and a twine wrapped bottle


1 - Revlon 14 hour lipstick in never ending nude.

2 - My herb garden in the windowsill of our kitchen. Cilantro, basil, oregano, parsley, chives, and spearmint. Needless to say, my kitchen smells delightful!

3 - Lovely decor, the newest addition to our living room. Made from a bottle and twine.

4 - Homemade caramel popcorn. No, I am not that talented. This was given to us by a friend. It is highly addicting and delicious!

5 - Fitted T-shirts. Cute and comfy! I could live in this shirt.

And you know what this means. Drum roll please....................
The weekend is here!

Our weekend? Tonight we get to see The Five Year Engagement, tomorrow I get to see my old college roomies and finally shop at the new City Creek Center, and Sunday we get to finish our big wine bottle project! Check back for pictures of how it turns out on Monday!

Happy Friday to you all!

If you're interested, here is how I made that vase:

Twine from Hobby Lobby, $3.99. Bottle from recycling bin. Starting at the top of the bottle, I wrapped the twine tightly, adding a dab of hot glue every ten (or so) turns around the bottle. Hot glue a large dab to keep the twine together at the beginning and end of the bottle.

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