Five things I'm loving this week


1. Sheer blouses {I found this one at TJ Maxx}

2. Our newly planted Raspberry Parfait Dianthus in the windowsill. Lovely!

3. Fresh raspberry cream cinnamon rolls

4. New reading material that motivates me to lead a better life (Thanks for letting me borrow this book Manette!)

5. My newest homemade exfoliating scrub {brown sugar & olive oil} It also helps that I put the scrub in an Island Margarita candle holder. Smells delightful!

And on that note, I'm a little discouraged because I have so many projects planned and still no sewing machine. I need to find some time to get to my in-laws and sew my little heart out. Or, to get my machine fixed...

I have high hopes that one of those will happen this weekend.

But don't give up on me, because I just purchased some lovely fabric and I have some fabulous ideas running around in my head!

So here's to the weekend! A weekend full of sewing, Holiday bbq's and the beginning of a one week countdown until we leave for vaca in Lake Powell! You're jealous, I know. I would be too.

Have a great, long Holiday weekend my friends!
Happy Friday!

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  1. I love the blouse! Also, I'm glad you like the book! :)