DIY Maxi Skirt

Good news husband is a genius, and my sewing machine is fixed!
Apparently there are different sized bobbins for different machines.
Who knew?!
Rookie mistake...

So I set up a nice little sewing nook for myself and spent my Sunday morning making a maxi skirt.
I decided to hold off on the striped maxi until I tried a basic one. And I'm sooo glad I did, because this was quite the learning experience! I'm such an amateur, it's kind of ridiculous. So believe me guys, if I can do any of can do it too!

So what did I learn, you ask? The two things I learned from this skirt was:
Don't be cheap and try to make a maxi skirt with just 1 yard of fabric. You need 2 yards!
Make it a little wider at the feet, so you don't waddle like a penguin.

Otherwise, I'm glad for the learning experience that was my first maxi, and I love the results.

I found this jet green polyester fabric at Joann's for $6/yard. Because I didn't quite have enough fabric, I cut some excess and sewed it to the top of the skirt to make it longer.
Sloppy, I know...But it worked!

As you can see, I used the top excess fabric part to loop over and string my elastic through.
Then I sewed the skirt together, and hemmed the bottom.

It was super duper easy. Sloppy maybe, but easy!

I'm glad I got my practice out of the way so I can get to sewing some really cute maxi's. I need at least ten in my closet, since I plan on living in them this summer!

{top: Kohl's, skirt: me, shoes: gifted, watch: windsor, bracelet: old}

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