Memories on Memorial Day


In light of Memorial Day I would say how much I love long weekends, but let's be honest...I get a long weekend every single week.

We did have a lovely long weekend, and tonight we bid the weekend good-bye with ribeye steaks and watermelon at Grandma's house.
My idea of a good time is lots of laughs, lots of good food and lots of the people I love most.

Like when Dan loudly hiccups while trying to talk during dinner, and me and Jessica don't stop laughing for 10 minutes straight. Or when Jace gets crazy static electricity hair while he's jumping on the tramp. Or when Grandma O. gives us a nice big pot she bought and bags of leftover food to last us all week.

Not too mention watching J man down three watermelons like they were candy. He even tried his darndest to finish off the rinds.
Me taking the chewed on rinds away from him equals meanest mama in the world & total breakdown.

But he got over it when we busted out the ice cream cake.

Good times.

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